Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who is the cutest of them all?

Princess Iris...(5 months and 3 weeks old)

... or King Bapak?(Old man)

The mirror said:
Queen Mummy is the cutest of them all!

And Iris said:
Mirror, mirror on the wall,
I'm sick of your deceit,
Mirror, mirror on the wall,
I think you've tried to cheat.

(Mummy punya blog Mummy punya suka-lah!)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Iris's Kitchen

Go away Rachel Ray,
Be off Jamie Oliver,
Step aside Gordon Ramsay,
Retreat Chef Wan!
Introducing you world's youngest chef, Chef Iris!

Hello world!I am Chef Iris!
P/S: Thank you Tok Kedah for the beautiful outfit from Jakarta woohoo!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Thank You Iris

Thank you for your nice baby smell,
thank you for cute little fingers,
thank you for your unbearable highest pitch of sream,
thank you for nice smell of dirty diapers (wacko I am, I love the smell of your dirty diapers),
thank you for YOU!
Thank you Iris.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Teroris Bahasa

I got lunch invitation from my colleague, a Myanmarese. She is such a nice lady and she only invited me (meaning that I am nicer than any other ladies in my faculty). She cooked her popular dish and it is quite similar to laksa Penang. But that’s not the main issue, what bother me the most was the language I spoke.

Dr. M: Hey Shida, I would like to invite you to my house for a lunch.

Me: Really aa? How nice of you Dr. M. Only me aa?

Dr. M: Yes, only you because you the loveliest lady in the faculty (Obviously I add up the line)

Me: Oh, thank you Dr. M. So what are we waiting for? Let’s go to your house.

And we walked to her apartment.

Me: You still staying here aa? I thought you already moving out? So how? Nice aa here?

Dr. M: Yes, I am still staying here. I rented a house at Taman Tas for a month but I didn’t feel secure. So I stay here back.

Me: Oh really? Yes-lah, for sure you don’t feel secure because you stay alone. I think better you stay here, more safe. So what are you going to cook?

Dr. M: A simple one. This is a popular dish at my country and I think it is similar to your laksa Penang.

Me: Really aa? I love any kind of laksa. I sure love this one also. So you want me to help?

Dr. M: No thank you Shida, you just stay at outside and watch tv.

Me: Okay.

While flipping her old photo albums,

Me: Dr. M, these are you brothers and sisters eh? Look nice aa your house. So big. You must be rich.

Dr. M: Yes, they are my brothers and sisters. No Shida (laughed), I am not so rich.

Me: Sure aa not rich? This is big house what.

Dr.M: No. Haha. Here Shida. The noodles. If you like, you can add up some flavors like peppers salt.

Me: Sure, sure. I love them hot. Where aa? The pepper?

Dr. M: Oh, wait. I’ll take it for you.

She put the pepper for me.

Me: Thanks Dr.M. Nice aa. So nice. This weekend maybe you come to my house. Eat at my house. My husband can cook nasi beriyani. You know nasi beriyani? It is like rice mixed with herbs. Lots of herbs. He can cook that. Come over to my house-lah. Then you can see my baby girl. She’s big already.

Dr. M: Really your husband can cook? You are so lucky Shida. I don’t think I can come to your house this weekend since I am going to Singapore with my friends. Maybe next time.

Me: Oh okay. Whenever you free-lah. I’m okay. So nice-lah Dr. M this noodle. (I have repeated that ‘nice’ word for hundred times)

Dr.M: Okay Shida, we need to hurry coz I have class at 2.

Me: Okay Dr.M, thanks a lot. You are so nice. Thank you aa Dr. M.

Damn my education, I am so lack of vocabularies. You are such a true ‘Teroris Bahasa’.