Monday, May 11, 2009

Mummy, let's go to Deerland and celebrate Mother's Day!


“Kakak, jom-lah ke Teluk Cempedak, you dah janji nak gi tengok sunrise kan? Jom-lah, semalam you dah janji,” Anya reminded me about my promise to her, Anyon, and Iris. And it was 7.30 in the morning. And I presumed it was sunshine no more sunrises at 7.30 AM. (Well, I am not so sure about that, I am not an early riser). “Sorry Anya, I tak cukup tido semalam I gatal-gatal allergic the whole body. Next time ah,” I replied while recovered my flat chess (which is as flat as airplane runaway) and continued sleeping. “Stupid ah you Kakak, you dah janji,”Anya retorted back and took Iris away from my bedroom. I am definitely a lady with words, but when it comes to sleeping, I apt to forget the rest.


“Hey, jom kita pi Deerland nak?’ Guess who? The only human on earth who doesn’t know the meaning of tired. Let me introduce you to … Bapak. He just went back from the hospital from his usual duty and he slept only 2 hours last night after 36 hours of entertaining hernia, appendix, wisdom teeth (erk?), and me. And here he was shouting excitedly “Hey, jom kita pi Deerland nak?” And of course he has his own fans-Anya, Anyon, and Iris shrieking back “Jom!!! Boring dah dok rumah ni! Jommmm!!!”


We reached Lanchang near Temerloh at 2PM. We first went to see elephants at Hutan Perhilitan Lanchang (it’s obvious I made up the name. I cannot recall the name. Who knows the name of that particular Hutan, please send me an e-mail). After took some photos and waited like forever for the elephants to come out and performed, we then off to the Deerland near the Hutan I forgot the name (please send me an e-mail for those who knows the name of it). I guess it was great to celebrate Mother’s Day with animals, name it deer, bear, mouse deer, hedgehog, snake, and deer (did I mention deer twice? ) Bapak and Anya had a joyful moment with deer and snake. Yes, snake, the only thing I’m scare of in this universe. Offer me 1 million, I would never come close to anything called S.N.A.K.E. Offer me Borders or MPH, err, I would think about it.

Pink rules!

Baby Elli

Auw Anya, seksi nya I!

Belle signorina with carina daughter

Dua jelitawan

At Deerland
My dear with deer

Anya fed the deer. Up!

See, I told you, it's a land with deer!

Anak shiapa? Anak Bapak!

Mummy, I want to take this hedgehog home! Mummy, please!

Eleh, nunjuk!

Hats off, Anya!

Bapak, Mummy, and Iris

Bapak, Anyon, Iris, and Anya

Mummy, I'm so tired, let's go home...


We headed home at 5.30PM. The celebration wasn’t end there. Bapak, my Firdausku sorang, has cooked us very special menu-Kari Krab we called it. It was so delicious that I want to make love with him. Ha ha ha! Yes, seriously. I am totally grateful for having him as my Firdausku sorang. Thank you my dear, for this memorable celebration and thank you Anya, Anyon, and my lovely little miss! Muach to all of you!!! Double muach to … my Firdausku sorang and triple to Iris.

Mama Mia! I sayang you, you tau!

Selamat Hari Ibu, Mama!

Thank you for always,
picks up my calls,
listens to my "Mama tau dok...",
introduces me to Klasik FM,
cooks my favorite laksa,
lends (like I ever pay her back? :P) me moneys (yes, it is so plural that it needs an S),
buys me glamor kebaya,
sings silly songs aired on your favorite Klasik FM,
allows me to win in our words war (once in a blue moon),
cracks stupid jokes,
laughs over silly jokes I've made,
sleeps with open mouth,
nags forever.

Thank you for always being,
my star,
my heaven,
my ear,
my eyes,
my hands,
my credit card,
my car,
my book to treasure,
my my my...
I love you Mama Mia!
And I will always do.

Again, when it comes to express my true feelings, my primer language is the best. "Mama, I saye gilo ko you, Mama. I saye you lebih dari rantai mah dan gele mah hok you ado. I saye gilo lebih dari buku-buku cito I hok I ado. I saye sangat kat you Ma. Ma, once in a lifetime, allow me to say it mace ore Kolumpo, Mama, I heart kat you ah Mama, sayang gilerrrr!!!"

Your carina daughter,

Happy Mother's Day Mummy!

Mummy you are my mother, you are my star,
And so my main supplier,
You may not be famous, as your face is known to few,
But Mummy I think you are wonderful and I love you!

"Happy mother's day, Mummy! I heart you very much, Mummy!!!" (Iris-8 months and 1 week on mother's day)

Post-script: Mummy Mummy! I wrote that poem specially for you. I hope everyday is Mother's day so that I will always be by your side. I would love to shout and so the world would hear it, "Mummy!!! I love you verrryyyy much! Very than very!"Muach!

Real Iris: Poor Mummy, all I want is her milky milk. World, I didn't write that poem. It's obvious she wrote it herself.