Friday, June 26, 2009

Tell your story, Iris.

Mummy, I have a store of stories to tell you, Mummy.

Oh really? What is it sayang?

About yesterday.


Yes, about the trip to GG’s house.

Oh sure, tell me now. I’d love to hear that.

You sure Mummy?

Ye Ris, Mummy all ear now.

Where should I start Mummy? I have a lot to tell you. Where do you think I should start Mummy?

Um, I think you should start the moment you reached GG’s house.

Oh yes, Mummy. I saw many many chicks with their mother, and their father flies over GG’s mango tree.

We call chick’s father a rooster. Now say rooster.



I am, Mummy. And I saw GG! I was so excited to see her. She is so small; I like her small face and her white long hair. She hugged me so strong, I cannot breath. I think she misses me a lot, that’s why she hugged me that strong. Just like Bapak hugged me last two weeks. Right Mummy?

Yes, GG misses you. It’s been a month you last saw her.

Mummy, I met Antima and Anaina and Amimi also. And Ayah Wan! They played with me and they read me books that you packed for me. We played until I felt so sleepy and poor Nek Sue she cannot play with me because I already slept. And Mummy you know what? In my sleep I dreamt. I dreamt I caught a butterfly and put it in a jar.

Oh really? It sounds like Nestle ad. Um…

But alas! I woke up because it was too hot. Too hot I can only wear my Hawaiian hat. And Pampers of course. Mummy, cat cat cat!!! Can I stop my story telling now, Mummy? Mummy, cat cat cat!!!

…and there she goes chasing over Nek Ma’s cat.

Mummy, when I'm old, do I have to wear denture?

Mummy, it's my show!

GG teaches me how to clap.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Girl, Anya

My Bestest Neng

Neng, this entry is for you, Neng. Neng, I thank God for you are my bestest sister in the whole Universe. I should have written this entry long long ago, Neng, but I knew you know I love you, Neng, so I guessed I don’t have to pen out here Neng, but I have read it somewhere that we should say out loud for people we love and care, so here I am Neng, saying out loud that I love you, Neng. I don’t know what to do without you, Neng, for you are my little angel with thick eyebrows. Neng, sorry when I acted big sister, I know I shouldn’t, but try be one, you will love the Power. Neng, I promised you a lot when you passed with good marks in your exam. Neng, this time I walk my talk, I’ll buy you Crocs for that 3 pointer last exam. How is it, Neng? You love me more, Neng? Love me more Neng, coz you are my girl. And Iris’s only aunt.

Neng, hadiah harijadi aku Neng?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Joy of Joys!

22nd June. My birthday. My 28th. But feel like 82, how is it? No celebration. I was fasting, 26 days left. Mummy’s sacrifice, otherwise beras should sacrifice. Har-har! Went nuts over The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao ( Die young. Whatever. A boring book. Made no mistake next time, She. Pulitzer Prize Winner doesn’t mean a-must-mash book.) Abang, thanks for The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, Diary of a Girl in Changi, Sea of Poppies, and Yesterday’s Weather. And my lovely family thanks a lot for the birthday song and Anya thanks for the entry. Friends, thanks for the best wishes.

Hey, it’s 22nd June, enjoy your day dear! Firdausku sorang, thanks for the card and the books. I love this year’s birthday card and hey world, I’d like to share it with you!

Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Wife

In the bed or in the shower,
For a minute or an hour,

In the dark or in the light,
All the day or all the night,

In the back seats of our cars,
In a meadow under stars,

Under tables under covers,
In the guest room at your mother’s,

Anyplace that you might name-
If it’s you, I’m always game,

On patios or screened-in decks,
Where shall we have your birthday …………

CAKE? What? You thought I was gonna say SEX?

P/S: (Err Abang, yes, I thought you gonna say SEX)

P/P/S: I just finished reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. I should have prepared myself with Trujillo and having intimate affair with Dominic Republic’s history textbooks before skimming through the book. Sorry Diaz, I’m not into your writings. Started with foul language, and ended one. Not that I never swear, hey, swearing cool what, apalagi dalam bahasa ibundaku, KelaMtaM (you never swear?stop acting Mother Teresa you!), but I just cannot stand with a Pulitzer Prize Winner full of foul words, that made me curse on my very birthday. Har-har! I should try The Road, last year's winner of Pulitzer Prize. Whatever. Happy birthday my dear me. Love you so much, She.
Birthday Books

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Aku Rindu Itu Dot Dot

I was loading all my books and stationeries into the boxes to be moved to my new office, in Pekan. Fortunately (but I'm crying still), I found out the copy of my dear husband's poem to me on February 13, 2007, couple of years ago. I miss him like gilerrrr, so just bare with this kind of entries. Last time I jiwang like this was two years ago when I had to move to Kuantan while he was still in Kedah. But now, it happens again, the temporary parting (?). So layan je-lah makcik tua yang cantik ni ye.

Nurul Shahida..
Tika ini tiada lagi kelibatmu melambaiku tika aku melangkah kaki waktu pagi untuk sesuap rezeki..
Aku rindu itu..

Nurul Shahida..
Tika ini tiada lagi kehangatan pelukan mu waktu senja menjelma menyambut kepulanganku..
Aku rindu itu..

Nurul Shahida..
Tika ini tiada lagi hilai tawamu yang bisa meluputkan letih lesuku..
Aku rindu itu..

Nurul Shahida..
Tika ini tiada lagi obom.. tiada lagi kombon.. tiada lagi shilby.. tiada lagi gurau..
Tiada lagi geli digeletekmu.. tiada lagi nonton sama.. tiada lagi beg onkol.. tiada lagi gambo kandid toplessku..
Ah macam macam sudah tiada lagi..

Yang pasti tanpamu aku hidup sepi.. sunyi..

Nurul Shahida..
Abang rindu semua tentang kamu..

P/S: Abang, I bleed myself dry for you.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bapak, Happy Father's Day!

I love you Bapak!

Hi Bapak! How are you? I hope you are fine. I only heard your voice over Mummy’s phone, but where are you? Have you been shrinking to a miniature you and hiding in Mummy’s phone? Come out now Bapak and play ‘Up Up and Away’ with me. Come out now because I want to wish you Happy First Father’s Day to you.

Bapak, it’s okay if you still want to hide. I just want to wish you a very very very Happy Father’s Day! It would be happier if we can celebrate it together. Don’t worry Bapak, Mummy’s still thinking of going back to Kelantan so together we can celebrate this happy day. Mummy always tells me that you are now a student and that you are always busy reading books and you have many many books to read. And I heard last few days when you called Mummy and you asked this thing that made Mummy cried “She, She dah bacakan buku untuk Iris?” Don’t worry Bapak, Mummy read books to me sometimes but we played a lot! Mummy bought me five cute balls for me to play and share with Anyon. Every night when I play with my toys, Mummy will come to me and show me miniature you in her hand phone. She told me that is the video of you. I always giggle when Mummy shows that video. No Bapak, come out now, don’t you feel dark in there?

Bapak, I want to thank you for many many things. I want to thank you for proudly holding me on my first day, for the unmistakable incarnation of you minus the moustache, for the second, third, fourth, fifth … bathes and you sang ‘Hujan hujan hujan’, for changed my dirty diapers, read me books, cooked me delicious porridge (better than Mummy, well it’s a known fact), bought me beautiful dresses and toys, danced with me, father me, love me, miss me… but most of all I thank you for this song that you love to sing specially for me,

“Umbuk-umbuk empin,
Empin dalam cupak,
Mana tikus bunting?
Lari masuk bawah ketiak Irissss!!!”

(-when you sang the last line, you will tickle my armpit and I chuckled like a baby! It was funny!). Bapak, I love you and I miss you. I hope you are very very very happy, because if you sad, I will be very very very sad. Bapak, don’t cry because I only want to wish you a very very very happy Father’s Day! I love you, Bapak!

Dengan penuh kasih-sayang, Iris.

Pok-pok ni saye Ba sepenuh hati jiwo rago!

My handsome Ba (Isn't he?)

I was reading my sister’s blog and she wrote an entry about Father’s Day. I was totally lost these few days, and yes I forgot a lot of things lately. So here I am, belatedly wishing my best of the best father of mine, Ba, a happy Father’s Day. I have a word for a father like him: superb. He struggled from a not so rich family and able to study in current APEX university and most of all have the great attitude of yours that makes you a superb father. And I definitely have to thank you for all these:

Thank you for-
Taught us things that don’t have in prints,
Brought us to the home of the poorest of the poor-and you’ll say money isn’t everything,
Brought us many many books,
Hearten us to be the best of the best,
That big green hut-I terribly adore your house,
That harta pusaka that you’ll definitely leave to us, (yes, I know money isn’t everything)
Took a great care of me while I was in confinement,
Your thick big fat wallet,
This thick eyebrow, (why oh why I didn’t copy Mama’s),
For how you taught us that bribery is the ugliest thing in the world,
Being a good Muslim-(the one and only person among 100 who raised up the hands when the ustaz asked who will be at Palestine to fight for peace),

Yes, like my sister, Nadia, we will be so embarrass if Ba heard we’d say out loud that three magic words ‘I love you’ because we never did. We just wrote it in cards. We always do that to Mama, but not Ba. We love them equally (sometimes depend on who will give us more money), but we are too shy to say that to Ba. Um, let me think of this brilliant idea, hey Anya, why don’t you take Ba to the computer and let him read our entries? That would be better. We have to start saying it to Ba, maybe in another way round like ‘Ba, pok-pok ni saye ko Ba sepenuh hati jiwo rago.’ What would you say, Anya?

P/S: Anya, tunggu I balek then kita celebrate kat New Horizon deh?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bapak, We Miss You!

We miss you, you feel it,don't you Bapak?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Of Being A Kodak Mother

Searching for ants

Back in my teenage years, I have always imagined I will be a very excellent Kodak mother capturing every moments of my baby’s milestones. I will capture every moment of your very first bath, first cry, first smile, first weep, first roll, first toy, first books, first diary, first everything. I have imagined that I will always not having enough of film rolls (mind you it’s 1995, I don’t even know the existence of digicam) capturing your every moments of growth. Even after married to your father, I had bought nice and beautiful baby scrapbooks (mind you it’s plural), pasar malam’s cheap Barbie and Disney’s stickers to paste on your photo albums and numbers of photo frames.

But my reality is much more unimaginable. I just don’t know that ten years later, I have so much great life, a charming husband to hug and kiss; a wonderful baby girl to treasure; stack of books to make love with; families so ‘gila-gila’; nicest mother-in-law and also in-laws; and a plump new me (oh God, I thought I will always wearing size S clothes, well, my thought is so wrong).

I am so sorry Iris that my 24 hours are not enough to capture every moments of your every first. But I still cross every important dates of your achievement. Hope you still love Mummy. Because I will always do. Let’s check out your important dates!

January 1st: First laugh
February 13th: First roll
Middle February: Eat first solid food (Nestum Stage 1)
Early April: Low-crawled on your belly like a soldier
Early April: First interest as an animal lover, precisely ant lover. You will crawl to get the ants killed by your own fingers. Lover? Killer instead.
Early May: First peek-a-boo with Bapak. You’ll sneak a peek under your towel or blanket.
Middle May: First two grand teeth
Middle May: First anxiety especially over something with violent sound (blender, big lorry, when Tok Ba coughs), sound of rubbish plastic bag, and the feel of Anya’s fluffy pencil case
Early June: Gesture a goodbye sign

That’s all I can remember. I will attach some of your photos in next entry. Love you always.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's our 3rd year! Yay!

Good old memories, and more good years to come! (Photo credit to Anya, you did good work Anya!)

2nd June hits the calendar again. And it is Mummy and Bapak’s third year of heavenly marriage. This is the simplest celebration ever as far as I remembered. I just bought one slice of Bapak’s favorite Chocolate Indulgence and I put three pink candles on top of that melted cake (if it’s still a cake). We exchanged anniversary cards and beautiful gifts. Firdausku Sorang, thanks for the books: The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns and Three Cups of Tea (and I’m terribly sorry for opening that presents a week earlier, I cannot resist myself from sneaking a quick look on that red Borders wrappers. I just knew it will be books. Worst, I finished reading those books before our anniversary.) Who can resist Khaled Hosseini’s touching stories and that humanitarian work by Gred Mortenson? Who?

I knew if you don’t have that USM student card glued to your shirt, we are going to celebrate our third anniversary somewhere with nice pillows and toilet with bath tubs and free shampoo and soap. But it is destined that you ARE now a student. It’s okay, we will celebrate it the next four years somewhere with nice pillows and toilet with bath tubs and free shampoo and soap. God wills. And hey, do you love that shirt and pants and that book? Hopefully you like it. We are running out of time, we just don’t have time wandering around malls to find out something nicer (but seriously, I loveeee the books) because we’d rather spending it in our own ways before facing this temporary parting (parting?). Oh how I wish we have more times…

Firdaus jan (Pashto for dear), thanks for being my good partner, my roommate (ah, after next four years), my ear, my eyes, my cook, my Obimin, my rabbit, my bank (uh, thank God you are man with words and money), my book, my blanket, my car, my blood, my pray, my love, my belahan jiwa, my everything! You are such a treasure. May Allah grant us with more happy years!

Happy 3rd anniversary Abang.

Love always,
P/S: Thank you Mama for our anniversary lunch treat!