Thursday, January 28, 2010

2 Years Developmental Stages

I have free time today so I surf for developmental stages checklist. I just want to make sure my Iris is doing fine.

Motor Skills

*Feeds self with a spoon. Checked.
*Able to drink from a straw. Checked.
*Walks up stairs with help. Checked.
*Opens cabinets and drawers. Checked.
*Bends over to pick things up without falling. Checked.
*Builds a tower of 3-4 blocks. Checked.
*Can roll and kick a large ball. Checked.
*Begins to run. Not yet. But walking fast, walking with hand at her back, we call her 'Yang Berhormat'.
*May show a preference for one hand over the other. Checked.
*Scribbles spontaneously. Checked.

Cognitive Skills

*Begins make believe play. Checked.
*Enjoys taking things apart. Checked.
*Wants to explore her surroundings. Checked.
*Can and will follow directions. Checked.
*Can point to 5-6 different body parts when asked. Checked. (Eyes, nose, tounge, teeth, hair, foot, hand, belly button, and stomach)
*Enjoys looking at the same books over and over again. Checked.
*May express interest in potty training. Not yet.

Social Skills and Language

*Has a vocabulary that includes several hundred words. Not yet. Should I buy her a dictionary?
*Begins to use 2-3 word sentences. Not yet.
*Learning to take turns with other children but generally plays along side, rather than with other children. Checked.
*Gets angry and may have temper tantrums. Checked.
*Possessive of her toys. Not sure, sometimes yes, sometimes no.
*Refers to self either by name or by using "me" or "mine". Not yet.
*Acts shy around strangers. Hello? Iris? Shy?
*Likes to imitate parents or caregiver. Checked.

Alhamdulillah, thank God she grows well. I don't expect her to be genius. If she could do these 3M, I'd be happier than ever. 3M-Menulis, Mengira, Membaca. *grin*

The checklist-credit to

Tell Iris I Miss Her

Date: January 27th, 2010
Time: 8.45PM

The Sitter: Nurul, apa kata Iris tidur dengan Kak Mah malam ni?

The Mummy: Er, tidur dengan Kak Mah? Saya tak pernah tidur asing dengan dia selama setahun 5 bulan ni. Not a single night. (so obvious tambahan script)

The Sitter: Ye-lah, Nurul kena ajar juga tidur asing. Nanti Nurul nak bersalin masuk hospital satu malam. Kena ajar dari sekarang, nanti baru Iris faham.

The Mummy: Okay, tapi kalau ada apa-apa, saya panggil Kak Mah. Kalau Iris nangis, Kak Mah bagitau-lah saya. Iris tidur jam 10 ye Kak Mah.

The Sitter: Ala Nurul, rumah kita sebelah-sebelah aje. Kalau ada apa-apa, Kak Mah hantar la Iris. Kak Mah tahu-lah jaga Iris. Dengan Kak Mah, sure Iris tak nangis punya.

The Mummy: Okay. (Okay?)

The Mummy can’t sleep. She misses her Iris. She busied herself with the house chores and once in a while she glimpsed at her Iris’s favorite toy, Katty. She wished her Iris were there playing with Katty.

Date: January 28th, 2010
Time: 12.15AM

The Sitter: Nurul! Nurul! Iris nangis cari susu Nurul!

The Mummy expected it. *grin*

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

We had a tremendous weekend last week. With Bapak, everything is so wonderful. No wonder Iris’s first word is Bapak. She really loves wonderful thing. Bapak had planned this since you were one month I guess. What plan? Bapak planned to bring us to Zoo Negara. I reckoned he was the one who was more excited about this plan, and so he brought us to make his plan come true. So here's the story.

Welcome to Zoo Negara!
We reached KL on Friday night and the first thing you did with Bapak was freshening up. See you in the tub. Since I was so hungry, Bapak then brought us to his new favorite restaurant, Passage Thru India in Jalan Tun Razak. I tell you, the food really is superb! Even the plain naan, everything is so scrumptious. Drinking through the metal mug, I felt like Aishwarya Rai. The food is fit for a king!

Passage Thru India

Hey walley walley!

Truly India

Bapak's Aish

Bapak's little Aish

Yummy! (Alamak Bapak, I mengidam!)

"Bapak, can I eat this daun pisang?"

"Mummy, you never bought me metal cutlery"

And the morning came. Everyone woke up at 10 in the morning. We dressed up at our best and off we went to Zoo Negara! Bapak had already explained to you the night before how the elephant looks like, the giraffe, the swan, the hippos and all the animals that he knew. And now the times to show all that animals in fact are realities! We spent four hours in the zoo enjoyed every moment of it!

Best thing in the morning..euw, geram!

Ready to go!

Bird, bird! It is real!

"Bapak, can I have this for my second birthday?"

"Bapak, where's our tram? I pakai glamour macam ni takmau la jalan kaki je"

The lion

Mummy and Iris


"Bapak, the swan is so real!"


"Iris, tengok kamera, Mummy nak snap pic!"

"Iris, tengok kamera, Bapak nak snap pic!"

"Mummy, kaki I dah hot, I taknak pakai socks lagi"

"Bapak, I nak terjun nak live with the swan"

The elephant

The giraffe

Mummy 6 months pregnant

Waiting for the sea lion show

"Iris, mana sea lion ni?"

"Be patient Bapak. Sea lion tengah praktis tepuk tangan tu"

"Bapak, sabar okay, let me kiss you"

"Mummy, where's the sea lion?"

"Bapak tidur dulu, nanti bila sea lion keluar, Iris kejut Bapak"

Bapak bribed Iris with lollypop. Lollypop? Oh my God!

"It was a hot day. Let's go home, Bapak."

The end.

Thanks a bunch Bapak for a wonderful weekend. We love our weekends, more than ever when you are with us! Where we went after that? Of course to Mummy's favourite zoo. Guess where it was?
Try give a guess.

P/S: Next plan, Bapak?

What Makes Me a Better Person?

This girl.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Baby Einstein Part One

Iris can understand simple instructions, which somehow amaze me as a mother. It doesn’t take long for her to learn new things, I guess she’s more like a sponge now, soak up every new things around her.

Scene One
“Iris, please go get the books and read.” She would take her books and get the pillow and lying down and acting reading out loud. I don’t know where she got that manner to take a pillow while reading a book. I guess I knew it.

Scene Two
“Iris, where should you put your dirty clothes?” To my surprise, she put it into the laundry basket! I never taught that to her, (yet). I really have to behave as Iris would imitate my actions.

Scene Three
“Iris, jom solat!” She would take her bath mat and bow.

Scene Four
“Iris, let’s read Quran!” She acts as if she recites a Surah. I tell you, it’s a different tone when she reads ordinary books and a Holy Quran. Seriously, I cannot stop laughing the first time she did this last three months.

Scene Five
While I am busy preparing the food, she busies herself carrying the plate with foodstuff to the dinner table.

Scene Five
She really likes new people. She would greet and go closer to the new people, be it grannies, teenagers or babies, black or white. I discovered this on her eleventh month.

Scene Six
“Iris, please keep your toys into the storage.” She would do that and mess them up again.

Scene Seven
“Iris, please kiss Mummy.” She will kiss me and my heart would melt.

Scene Eight
“Iris, please don’t play with the water!” She would take her dirty clothes and put them into the pail with water and play for hours.

Scene Nine
“Iris, come here and wear your shirts on!” She would run away with her diaper and sometimes without it. I think this is not so Einstein.

Every baby is Baby Einstein. What your baby can do?

Monday, January 11, 2010

I am Not a Good Mother

I let Iris to eat ice cream.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'd Trade My Husband with a Maid

I guess this is the major reason why I didn’t blog for months. Not only in blogging, I’ve lost interest in so many favorites things; cleaning, reading, blog-hopping, music, and gossips. Gossip? And I guess that’s big.

Yes, the title itself is self-explained. I’ve been acting weird all this few months prior to this long-distance relationship. I kept thinking of how unfair my life is, while I’m the only who wake up every night to satisfy my daughter’s hunger pain, and yet my husband is on his very success way to achieve his only dream-to become a plastic surgeon. I’m the only one who is always in constant worry of raising my daughter, and yet I kept on thinking of how easy my husband’s life is.

It was a total mess up last few months. My mood changed so easily. I lived in two different personalities; I can be good and bad at few nanoseconds. I wish it wasn’t depression, not a clinical one.

This is me when I was a good wife – I pray for him, pray for his success, I even bought a study desk and bookshelves for his convenience. I decorated the room with Iris’s photos and our photos; I brought all the stationeries so that he won’t attend the class without eraser (what does the eraser do with the corpse?), I sent him card every week, I seriously wanted him to success and I was so proud every time he called me after the surgery telling that he just performed the operative procedure, making everybody looks acceptable and gorgeous. I told him to carry on the study when he had his downs, told him that I can look after our babies, that he doesn’t have to worry, let me handle the babies, that this four years of being apart is nothing, that his success is a must. Oh, how good I was; a classic example of a very good wife.

And this is me when I was not so good wife – I wish I had a gun.

And what now? I’m healthy now, even healthier. I get back to normal life, I read and gossip. How did I do that? Oh, it is not easy I tell you. I have an MOU with him, that he has to pass his study, that he has to skill the surgical operation, because I have a very big mission, that he has to do the reconstructive procedure on me, change my vital stats to J Lo’s, that sexy lips of Jolie, and prior to that, I really hope he would success no matter how long it would take and how far we would stay.

Ha-ha got you! You thought I am that demon, trying to change my beautiful me? I think I can get over the mess up because I realized how short my life is, how wasting my time is just to stare at the wall and meratapi nasib of this long-distance relationship. And the ultimate reason is because I love Mr Muhammad Firdaus Abas so dearly I cannot put into words.

But still, I’d love to trade my husband with a maid. Arghhh, help me with the chores!!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Twenty Ten!

Hello everyone! My oh my, I haven't blog for years! Lots of things to write, of course about Iris and her little sister. Oh, don't be panic, the little sister is still in my womb. Iris is still breastfeeding even now she is an anak dara. But thanks to Enfagrow, you help me a lot (urgh, my night is not pleasant anymore).

Oh my, I miss this blog so much. Sorry guys, I didn't reply to any messages lately, I tell you why in the next post. So many stories to tell, where was I lurking all this while? Ha-ha!

Anyway, Happy Twenty Ten everyone! May this year bring you happiness and more happy happy times! Umm, I have no new year resolutions, in fact I never have one. I live on daily basis, ha-ha what a big L!

What we did on New Year? We (Anya and I) cleaned the whole house, we re-arranged the furnitures, the bed, the everything. And what did Iris do? She messed up the house. She is very good at that. Now enjoy the photos, I write more later!

My book shelf - Before


There she goes

"Mummy, let me help you."

There she went to another spot. Her fave spot - The Playland.

Hi Mr Potato!

She tried to put Mr Potato's glasses on her.

"Let me fix your nose To-To" (that's how she pronounce Mr Potato)

"Mummy, do I look like Miss Potato?"