Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Miss Her

Monologue: Gorjeous nya aku dulu. Sampai sanggup snap gambar sendiri, sampai tak crop tapak tangan tu. Oh rindu betul pada perempuan cantik ini. Sekarang? Benda yang paling dibenci-kamera.

P/S: Yes, I talked to myself in Bahasa Melayu. Precisely in Bahasa Kelantan.

Wonderful Weekend Part Two

What are the best things for a grandchild? Yes, the grandparents! So last week, Nek Ma and Tok Ba paid you a visit plus a bonus person, your number one fan: Bapak! Nek Ma and Tok Ba haven’t met you for almost a month! Sure they were extremely missing you. Yes, they were! They reached Kuantan at 2 o’clock in the morning on Friday night and Nek Ma went straight to our room and kissed you once she saw you and that made the ghost she brought along the way from Kelantan (I guess it was Jerangau’s super ghost) to say hello to you and that made you cried all night long and left me unwise the next morning. Lucky you have divine grandparents so that they played with you all night long, but still you want me to be with you as well. I overheard Nek Ma said to Tok Ba *“Sie jugok ko Kakak kalu male-male Iris asyik dok nangis lagu ni”, without knowing that they were to be blamed, that they brought the ghost to your world.

So the morning came and I went to the office as usual and leaving you with your fans. After stucked in the office for about four hours, I went straight home and started gossiped with Nek Ma. Oh, please, tiada benda untuk digosip, semuanya cerita murahan. We spent our night with more beneficial activity-the crafting hour! I never thought Nek Ma has the same interest with me. She was the one who suggested to sell the crafted cards. Ha-ha! Anyone interested?


These are all Nek Ma's ideas!
What was on Saturday? We went out on Saturday. We ate out and did what we are best at: window shopping. So, here are the photos. Enjoice!

Family kuat makan

Family control makan

Siakap Nyonya Style

Friends, friends, where are you?

With Anya

With Tok Ba

Anya and the fat woman

With Anya and Nek Ma

"Mummy, please buy me this white organza. I want to make sexy dress"

*"Kasihan juga kat Kakak kalau malam-malam Iris asyik menangis macam ni."

Little YB

Our little YB