Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Even when you are on make-up...

..you still look like your father.

Oh, your hair, no matter how much I put on the baby oil, they are still terpacak.

Picture taken on: 28th September 2010 by Anya at 8.15 AM while Mummy in chaos but Anya seemed to have all the times in universe to put make-up on you. (Ney, you tolong I mandikan Iesha lagi bagus.)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Raya 2010

That purple people

In ten years from now, I'm sure both of my daughters would ask me the same question. So here's the fact for Raya 2010.

Venue: Ayer Hitam, Kedah Darul Aman.
Why Mummy look so gorgoeus?: I always am.
Why Bapak didn't wear sampin?: Ask him.

My country turns 53. My girl turns 2.

Birthday celebration at Nek Ma's house on the 3rd day Raya.

Happy birthday dear Iris. You know how much I love you. You are two years old, but you will always be my Baby. Guess I cannot help calling you "By, oo By!!"

No celebration on 31st of August 2010, we were holding it to the 3rd day Raya; celebrate it with Yaya and Kakak Farhah’s birthdays as well. Yet, I felt so guilty when you asked me “Mummy, mana kendi (candle)?” And every time the national TV channel aired that “Jalur Gemilang” song, you would say “Lagu Iyish”.

I wish you happy birthday. You can walk and talk that now you are 2! You talk a lot By, you only stop when you sleep. You are so very special to me, in every way. I love you when you cry, scream, mess up the house, pinch me, hysteric over my milk, over Oreo; but I love love love you more when you are a good girl.

I wish you to stop breastfeeding, on your birthday dear? I always feel like I have those claws and paws when I breastfed both you and Iesha. Are you going to stop at 3? Okay, it’s your birthday, a belated birthday post from Mummy with post-pregnancy fat; so you can wish what ever you want.

Here’s a wish from Mummy, “Happy Birthday Iris. May Allah bless you and our family. Have a nice day and I love love love love love you!”

Iris Adeena, I love you every day. Happy birthday!

Blocking the blog. What gives?

Of too many things. Never crossed my mind I’d block my blog. But something bugs me. Guess too many details I’ve been putting in my blog, details about my girls, now I become paranoid. The world is not a safe place; I’d rather keep all the stories of my motherhood and the girls all to myself. What if someone crazy out there who reads my blog regularly and plan abduction? Not a typical crazy, but with a capital C; and that fool will ask RM1 million for ransom, which obviously not in a million years I’ve had that amount in my bank. Perhaps I can give the fool my books which I love so much right after my parents.

Or is it a mid-life crisis? How on earth you know you have another 30 years to live? I don’t know what the hell is happening inside of me. I told Anya I want to be invisible; only visible to her and Iris and Iesha. This is what I told her.

Me: Ney, aku raso aku nak jadi invisible-lah. I’m sick of being manusia kelas pertengahan. Ney, why suddenly aku lost interest in fashion, in making friends, beli beg and baju comey-comey? Why Ney why?

Anya: Mu nak jadi invisible Kakak?

Me: Ho.

Anya: Aku raso bagus jugok mu jadi invisible, sebab aku tengok mu supo mokcik doh loni. Buruk.

Me: Thanks Ney. Aku suko komen mu.

Perhaps it is motherhood itself. Sometimes I feel it is a very lonely journey. So I guess I have nothing to say in my blog. Most of the times I have lot to say, but I have so few minutes to write; and that’s that, I kept struggling with the time lately. To Iris and Iesha, forgive me; I love you both every day, and every other day.

But a thought had changed my mind today. Yes, a thought. A positive thought. So here I am again, unblocking my blog.

So people, hi! How’s your day? How’s your blog?