Thursday, November 3, 2011

Iesha my playful little miss.

She's a little big girl. She can do a lot of things by now. I'm sorry honey for I do not jot down your big achievements throughout this few months. I'm so selfish myself busied myself with unnecessary things like overthinking that of course led to negative thoughts. I promise myself I would do my best to write down all my daughters' achievement.

Take note that your first walk was on 22nd of July 2011 at our new rented house in D'Shire Villa. I'm crying for every firsts you and Kak Iris did. It amazed me.

I love you both honey. I love you truly, deeply, madly.


Iris first slept over at Nek Sue's house. It amazed me so much that she can sleep without me hugging her, because her favorite line before closing her eyes would be "Mummy peluk Iris". She never slept without me by her side minus my stays at the hospital for Iesha's delivery and admitted for mysterious bleeding. I, myself, still wondered how this can work. But I like to quote Mama "Ni semua Allah punya kerja."

True, indeed.

Officially I am a student.

Since March 2011.

Hello hello hello!

It's been ages since my last post. And my two daughters aging as well; beautifully and brilliantly.

Iris Adeena, 3 years old.

Iesha Aafreen, 1 year old.