Monday, March 26, 2012

Worth Trying

Kindergarten's Kraft: Bumble Bees

Here are another crafts they made at school today, the ladybirds, but they look more like bumble bees to me.

Lady Iesha: Happy Haircut!

Mummy: Boleh ke Iesha potong rambut kat saloon ni?
Bapak: Kita try dulu. I guess boleh kot sebab Iris ada sama.
Mummy: She rasa tak boleh lah. She rasa Iesha nangis nanti.
Bapak: Takpe kita try dulu.

I know she's going to struggle and I need to try another day to get that perfect fringe. Perhaps I need to trim her hair while she's sleeping so that she'll get that Lady Gaga's fringe. But Bapak had assured me that Iesha will be just fine so we tried. Iesha, here's another big milestone: your first haircut on professional's hands on 25th of March 2012.

Aah, it's fun!

Iesha my good girl.

Aah it's fun, fun, fun!

Surgeon and hairstylist's hands surely made a different perfect fringe!

Chop, chop, chop!

She's a pro!

I can see 10 years from now, the four of us will visiting hair salon every 2 months. Oh, how I love it!

Trim, trim, trim!

Can you spot Iris? She even fell asleep.

You have no hair to be trimmed, Iyra.

Yay, Lady Iesha, finally!

Since both of you have been very good, so here was the reward!

The train trip!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Terukir di Bintang

Jika engkau minta intan permata
Tak mungkin ku mampu
Tapi sayangkan ku capai bintang
Dari langit untukmu

Jika engkau minta satu dunia
Akan aku coba
Ku hanya mampu jadi milikmu
Pastikan kau bahagia

Hati ini bukan milikku lagi
Seribu tahun pun akan nanti
Kan kamu

Sayangku jangan kau persoalkan
Siapa di hatiku
Terukir di bintang
Tak mungkin hilang cintaku padamu

Terukir di bintang
Tak mungkin hilang cintaku padamu

Hati ini bukan milikku lagi

Sayangku jangan kau persoalkan siapa di hatiku

Terukir di bintang tak mungkin hilang cintaku padamu!

P/S: Song credit to Yuna. (How could one not dedicate this song for their loved ones?)

What is AGE?

AGE stands for Acute Gastroenteritis or some may call it stomach flu. My AGE story started when Iris woke up one morning vomiting all over our bed. We recalled what had she ate the night before and I blamed my Firdaus caused he bought Iris unhealthy junk food. So thinking it came up from that unhealthy snack, we still sent her to school.

But the story was just started. Iris kept on vomiting and the worst part was she was mildly dehydrated. It showed by her dry tongue, decreased urine output, and she was unable to drink water. It worried me and so Bapak brought back bottles of magical substance so that Iris can have IV therapy at home.

On the second disastrous day, the virus attacked Iesha. She had the very same symptoms, she vomited and her faeces wasn't nice at all. But it was fortunate that unlike Iris, Iesha drank lots of water. The Rota-day lasted for a week. Bapak got attacked too on the fourth day and I was the one who closed the case. It was miserable, I vomited right after eating and drinking. I tell you, that Rotavirus was not kind at any cost.

Alhamdulillah Iyra was not attacked by the virus since she is direct feeding, but the prevention is better than cure. I can conclude some helpful tips:
  1. Always wash your hands after, before eating/ touching.
  2. Do not share personal things like towels, blankets, milk bottles, sippers.
  3. Frequently wash the toilets/ bathrooms.
  4. Sanitize the milk bottles.
  5. Teach the children to cover their mouths when cough/ sneeze.
  6. Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands.
The virus is still there? Do not quit. Pray. Recite Yaasin to your sick child and try Selawat Syifa. We'll show the virus whose The Toughest!

So True!

Iyra the Flower Fairy Baby

Right after played transferring, the girls wanted to have fun with their sticker books. And the victim was Iyra Alveena, our noble friend. Let us learn the names of flower fairies!


Candy Tuft

Fairy godmother, Iesha the Kingcup!

Double Daisy

Forget-me-not (with this face, I wouldn't)

Hazel Catkin


Play Transferring

The other day, we have been warned with the water disruption for two days, so the school is closed. The girls were just recovered with AGE and so I needed to clean up the house so that that bad Rotavirus would not harm our house again. So to keep the girls preoccupied, I let them play with the uncooked rice instead of their forever favorite playground: the bathroom. Enjoy the activity girls!

Make it believable as possible.

Iris called it 'brush' (beras).

Iyra wanted to join as well.

Iris transferred the 'brush' into the cup.

They learnt new words: cup and saucer.

They really were occupied.

Iesha, tu belum masak-lah!!!

Ooo Mummy, I want to play too!


Nah, Baby nak main jugak!

I still need to be 1 meter around them, otherwise Iyra would be the victim of trial-and-error by Iesha.

See, I told you!

This girl's strength equal to 10 boys of her age.

It's no fun, Mummy. I rather read book.

Lailahaillallah Ahmad Ahmad, Iesha's version of Solawah.

Okay time's up!

Brush sini, brush sana!

The end.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Surviving Motherhood Tip #2

Trim your baby's nails while she's sleeping. She'll be far less squirmy.

Imitation is the first instinct of awakening mind~Maria Montessori

When dealing with children there is greater need in observing than of probing.

The essence of independence is to be able to do something for one's self.

Character formation cannot be taught. It comes from experience not from explanation.

He who is served is limited in his independence.

Never help a child a task at which she feels she can succeed.

Notes: All quotes by Maria Montessori.