Monday, December 31, 2012

Congrats my brother!

Congrats Dek Wan! Wishing you the best for the next degree!

"Che!! Nok aiskrengggg!!!!"

I have made sweet corn ice lollies for the girls.  In fact it is my favorite ice-cream when I was a little girl.  I still remember it cost me 20cents last twenty years.  And it was a free treat if I went to my grandmother's grocery shop in Besut.  Oh the childhood...

All you need to make this yummy ice lollies are: water, one can of evaporated milk, one can of sweet corn, and sugar.  Mix them altogether and boil.  Pour into the long and narrow ice-cream plastic bag.  Freeze.  Enjoy.

Yummy yellow!

They have it for breakfast

And lunch

And dinner

Prepare yourself with the ice-cream trail.  Scream and mop.

New people, new love

Congrats Cik Amal and 'Cik Nuar. Wishing you the best in the years to come!

Read aloud: Handa's Surprise

I have found a gem in Big Bad Wolf's biggest book sale last time; a book by Eileen Browne.  She is somewhat a new children author to me, but the introduction by Michael Rosen seems familiar.  Rosen wrote our favorite We're Going on a Bear Hunt.  So, I didn't hesitate to take the book and it is a gem in the rough.  It is about a Kenyan girl named Handa who visits her friend, Akeyo, with a basket full of seven different fruits.  Along the way to Akeyo's village, the animal pops and takes the particular fruit she brings until none left in the basket.  Iris and Iesha enjoyed this book so much.  They learnt new fruit names such as avocado, passion-fruit, and tangerine.  They learnt few animals names too; antelope and ostrich.  Afterwards, Iris acting as if she were Handa bearing a basket on top of her head and brings the plastic fruits to Iesha acting as Akeyo.  This book really brings a taste of Africa.  Who doesn't want to be exotic and black?  

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

We went to the aqua pet store last month to get new pets, since the girls have missed their cat they left at Nek Ma's house.  They love fish just like their father.  I found that fish is easy pet to care and looking at them swimming will definitely give us a peaceful mind.  Here are some tips for caring for pet fish:
  1. Consider the tank size.  We go for a small one for a starter.  
  2. Plan ahead.
  3. Pick a small peaceful fish.  
  4. Feed frugally.  Your kids can handle the feeding, just help them measure the right amount.
  5. Change the water every week.  

 Go to the pet store
Choose the tank
Let the adult brings the tank 
The kids can help with the fish
Setting up
Welcoming the fish
They love it
Icebreaking session "Hi nama saya Iris!" (Excuse the house chore)
New friends! 
They didn't move for almost 10 minutes!
My fish tank by Iris, 4

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Baby traditions: cukur jambul

We went to baby Aleescha Sophea's very first haircut event last month in Seremban.  Since neither of you ever had the chance to be in the gorgeous buaian, I hope you guys did very much enjoying it, as much as I did!  To note, all three of you had your first lock cut by Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz in his very mosque early Subuh.  I waited in the dark in the car holding my little baby and listened to him reciting verses of the Quran.  Ahh, seems years ago.  After tazkirah, Bapak rushed to get that little baby with few hair to be shaved by Tok Guru.  Back home, Bapak and Tok Ba finished the haircut by completely shaved all of your head.  I want more babies, I want to wait in the dark holding little human being with covered foot and sweater.  Ok, I need to hold the memories and future, enjoy the photos!

P/S: Thanks Ibu Aleescha, we did get free photo shoot by pro photographer that day! Wink!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We do playgrounds!

We are urban dwellers, yaww!  We have small house with no yards, yaww! So we do playgrounds! And for the parents, here are the tips taking kids to the playgrounds:
  1. Wear appropriate attire.  No open-toed shoes.  Wear hats.
  2. Do keep an eye on your child.
  3. Do share.  The playground is free for all.
  4. Do intervene.  If you see a child doing something dangerous, don't assume his caregiver is watching.  Help to remind the child.
  5. Do pay attention.  See whether your child is bullying others or run wildly.  Bullying ain't cool.
  6. Don't be a playground gossip.
  7. Don't get mad when older kids hog the equipment.  
  8. Don't assume.  Check the equipment.
  9. Let kids be kids.  Stay out of "No!  Jangan. Nanti jatuh!"