Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Children don't expect reward.

We teach them expecting it. 

Stop it!

Monday, April 22, 2013

This girl is funny.

Meet DD.

My Gene

Iris is four, will reach five in a few months. However, she talks like forty.

Scene 1
Nek Ma teased her on her weird fashion sense. Iris layered her t-shirts and wore socks in the middle of the afternoon with a temperature of 36 degree Celsius. She knew Nek Ma teased her.

Iris: Iris tak akan cakap dengan Nek Ma selama-lamanya.

Oh. My. Girl.

Scene 2
Bapak scolded her for sleep late. Bapak gave a light pat on her foot.

Iris: Bapak tahu tak, Nabi pun tak pernah buat macam ni kat anak dia. Bapak paham tak? Iris kecik lagi, baru 5 years. Bukannya 6 years old lagi.

Oh. My. Girl.

Scene 3
I kept on delaying to make her bedtime milk.

Iris: Tolong-lah buat susu Iris, Mummy. Iris ni tak pandai lagi. Fikir-lah sikit.

Oh. My. Girl

I'm surprised with her great vocabularies. It is obvious that she got all the words from the books I've read to her. But how she knows how to precisely apply them at the right time and at the right place? I guessed it's in the gene.

Well, my gene. :P

Easy Masking Tape Art

 We need these.

Randomly stick the masking tape onto the paper. 

 Then paint. This is Iris's work.

This is Iesha's.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Read aloud: The Human Body

This book shows main parts of our bodies. It covers the brain, the respiratory system, the digestion system, bones and muscles and many more. It has a 3-D close up which make the reading even more interesting. Another good buy from BookXcess.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Learning Simple Anatomy

We were still in 'Me, Myself, and I' week. We did simple activity with old photos and magazines. We cut out the face from the photos and matched it with cut out bodies from the magazines. Finally we had mixed-up faces and curvy bodies, yaww! 

Stack of old magazines and photos

Iris's work. Spot the tiny faces? That was Anya; the butterfly.

Iesha's work. Kelakar kot!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Read aloud: Cheeky Charlie!

It was a boring day for Charlie the monkey. So he went around mocking and teasing the other animals. He mocked the ostrich. He teased "slower" tortoise. He annoyed zebra by saying "Nice pyjamas" on the stripes, and measles on leopard. He even mocked his own brother, Furly-a red butt monkey. In order to get Charlie stop his cheeky act, Furly gave him a tough love; telling him the truth. Charlie was so ashamed of himself having the red butts he hid behind the bush all day long.  We enjoyed this book so much. This happens to be the girls' favorite book for now. We discussed on bad attitude of Charlie, that we should not tease others on their looks, and no teasing at all. I need to find another book by Ben: Who Flung Dung?

Arch, whorl, double loops or simple loops. Which one is yours?

Last week we learnt on fingerprints. All we need were stamp pad ink and paper and oh, fingers. First, traced the fingers. Second, stamped the fingerprints. The activity sounded easy, but the following Q&A session wasn't easy at all. I repeat, at all. I explained we have unique fingerprints. Neither of us have same prints. And then they started to ask "Kenapa fingerprints kita spiral, Mummy?", "Kenapa kat fingers kita je ada fingerprints?". Well, I assume that we have both unique fingerprints and toeprints. I still can answer and try to answer those science-based fact questions. But when it came to "Kenapa Allah buat fingerprints?", "Syaitan dan malaikat ada fingerprints tak?". Then I was clueless and tried to escape with "OK, Mummy nak basuh pinggan." 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Showdown

GE 13 is around the corner. And the flags war is about to begin.

Iris: Bapak, kenapa Malaysia flag dah jadi colorful? Ada green. Ada blue. Ada light blue?

Bapak: Oh, tu bukan Malaysia flag. Tu flag parti politik. 

Iris: Parti politik?

Bapak: Ye. Macam Mummy dan Nek Ma suka green flag yang ada bulan tu. Bapak suka yang biru ada gambar dacing tu. Nanti Iris besar Iris kena suka yang gambar dacing tu ok?

Iris: Tapi Iris suka yang light blue tu.


Selamat mengundi semua!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy Teeth & Sad Teeth

We learnt about bad and good food for our teeth. I got this fun creating tooth collage from this site. It was a good activity of cutting and pasting too. And we did talked a lot about our teeth. They kept asking Bapak and I why the chocolates and cupcakes made the teeth sad. We explained they are made from lots of sugar and sugar develops cavities. I wish this activity will make they think before they eat to make sure they have happy teeth. 

Get the tooth and food templates here.
Cut and paste
{tooth fairy}
Iesha was so focused with the activity.
Iris only pasted one food then she did other thing.
See how Iesha loved doing this.
This was what Iris did, "Mummy tengok Iris makan kacang. My teeth happy."
Iesha did all these!

I Want a New Name

Iris: Mummy, Iris macam boring-lah nama Iris. 

Me: So Iris nak tukar nama apa?

Iris: Chelsea.

Oh my Iris!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Betty Iyra

Our First Chocolate Cake!

Iris has this "Janji Ditepati" so close to her heart. She has never been tired to make sure her "janji" "ditepati" by me. She has requested to make chocolate cake like a year ago. As to make my rakyat happy, I have committed to her promise today. Thank you Cik Mie for the easy and yummylicious recipe! 

Our scrumptious first chocolate cake!
Nice and clean cake means messy 'behind the scene'.
Happy rakyat #1
Betty Crocker in the house! (Betty is the girls' favorite cake maker)
Happiest rakyat on earth today!
We had pre-birthday celebration.
They wanted birthday everyday. Siapa taknak?
This girl loves dancing very much.
Seriously memang sedap!!! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Body Organ

This week's theme is 'Me, Myself and I'. We will learn the physical part and most likely on the cognitive part (the feelings). We have started the week learning about our body organs. We'd definitely wouldn't go wrong with the anatomy since we have the expert in the house. (Thanks Bapak!) It was one of our favorite activities so far. We learnt a lot about our main organs and their functions.   We made the organs using the foam paper and stick them on the laminated black person using sticky adhesive. So we can re-use them in future. It was such a great opening for 'My Body' week.  Enjoy the scene!

Fill us, fill us!

My Body

I duplicated the organs. 

Brain & rib cage
(Bapak said the brain is too much. Is it?)

Heart & lung & trachea

Liver & stomach

Large intestine & small intestine 

Kidney, urinary bladder, ureter & bones 
(It was too much for the kids to learn about the names of the bones, so we just say bones)

We used strong sticky adhesive.

Bapak explained the names and the functions of the organs. 

They pasted the organs.

We had so much fun!

The activity triggered a lots of questions from the girls.

Luckily we have Bapak to explain.

They started to ask simple questions.

And led to many complex questions.

Do we get it right, Bapak?

We've made it!

Iris's bladder fell out she then screamed "Oh my pundi kencing!" 

Whose kidney is that?

Our body organs!