Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"They are starting to forget us."

Day: lost count.

Goat's milk, it does a body good!

Nubian goat's milk

Many say that the goat's milk work wonders. Indeed. Currently Iris is still having her EnfaKid, Iesha with her Enfagrow and Iyra still breastfeeding and add up with Pediasure. But they are slowly switching to Nubian goat's milk. Alhamdulillah they like it. For those who'd like to have Nubian to be delivered right to your house, you may visit their website.  Here I list down some of the benefits of the goat's milk (source: here).

  1. Goat's milk is less allergic.
  2. Goat's milk is naturally homogenized.
  3. Goat's milk is easier to digest.
  4. Goat's milk rarely causes lactose intolerance.
  5. Goat's milk  matches up to the human body rather than cow's milk. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Counting with Lemons

 I printed this lovely template from Mr Printables. You may need: the template, scissors and strong sticky adhesive.

 Greek princesses ready to count!

 Then put the number on the pot and let them put the right number of lemons on the tree.

 Iyra wanted to join.

 Iesha put on the leaves.

 Iyra was fond with the sticky adhesive.

 Iesha verified her work.

They know their numbers.

Princessy start didn't seem to last...

Pantai Kemasek: The beach does have its own charm

We spent our great unplanned trip to Pantai Kemasek last two months. It took 20 minutes from Anya's house. Initially, we wanted to have fun at the swimming pool near Anya's house, but it was under maintenance.  So we changed the plan and it turned out the beach was rather much fun than the chlorinated pool, hehe. So here goes the memories.

They can't wait.

"Sini, sini!" Ayah Su and Bapak found a great spot.

We love beach.


Private pool

I can't believe it! They've made surprise birthday party for me. Thanks all!

Bapak and Iyra

Memories linger forever!

Love you all!

Ayah Su!

Island girl-Imaany


They tried to catch small fish.

They were lucky enough to get some fish.


I wish I were Farah :P

Out and about: If you wish to go to Pantai Kemasek, click this link for more info. Enjoice!

Read aloud: Little Apple (A Book of Thanks)

It is a book about apple. A little girl describes the life of a cycle from the seed to a tree. How an apple is admired by many, from tiny little ants to birds to human. The little girl then gives thanks for this tiny miracle of nature.  Iris loved this book so much since she likes to eat apple, especially the green one. What excite my girls the most was the apple star that we'll get when we cut it halves.  We'll have an apple star, inside an apple! I started to think that Our Creator creates everything together with fun and surprises. All we need is exploration and excitement.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Mr Pokok

Hi all!  They had this fun activity two months ago. I've bought this cheap growing grass head at Mr DIY. The girls were so excited with their Mr Pokok (that was what they called their plants). I then explained to them how plants need water to live. So let's check out how they did it.

What they did:

"Hi, please treat our bald head. We just need water, we don't need those over-commercialized chemical substance to grow our hair." 

They put Mr Pokok into a bowl of plain water. 

They waited until Mr Pokok fully  sunk. 

They took out once Mr Pokok was fully sunk. 

They put back the head onto the pot.  


 Day 4

Day 10
"We need a haircut!" 

They gave Mr Pokok nice hair cut. 


Chop, chop, chop! 

Looks like a real hair salon. 

Iesha gave her Mr Pokok a nice hair treatment. 

Look how handsome they are!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013