Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Beaches and Pools

We spent last weekend at Avillion Port Dickson. Bapak has passed his third year's examination and he wanted to celebrate at beach and swimming pools. Alhamdulillah thank you Allah. This was our second time here. I know he can't get enough with Avillion's pools. So here goes the memory.

Searched for our room.

We spotted peacock.

The signage to our room.

Look-alike rumah panjang.

Our room!

Miss the pillows.

The room

View from Avi spa

Inside the spa
The girls simply can't wait to change for their swimming suits. They urged me to change them while I was busy checking out the free shampoos and sewing kits.

Iyra paksa Bapak

Iris pumped the buoys.

Are you ready to swim?

They love water.

I wish to have this pool at home. 

Can you spot Iyra?

They had their pool hour for hours! I didn't know where on earth did they get their energy. Then I suggested to have a rest at our room. They didn't agree on that boring idea and requested to go to the beach. 

They were way too laju I couldn't catch up already.

They love water, they love sand. What do they don't?

What a view...

Oh, the beach chairs...

I let them played.

Zoom sikit.

They tried to build up sand castles.

Iris found a bird's feather.

Checked out the sea shell.

Another Sunday 

Bapak and Iyra were viewing from our room. Iyra didn't fancy beach sand.

They were out of energy and wanted to go back to our room.

Another peacock

Iesha was scared if "Kalau papan patah, kita semua jatuh dalam air."

Then later that evening, we had our dinner with beautiful setting, the sunset.

I wish they ran out of energy. No, that ikan bakar re-energized them.

They can even spend another hours in swimming pool.

Swimming class with Bapak.
It was Monday and time to say good-bye to this beautiful place. This was in the bathroom. They had roofless bathroom. Sexy angat!

While I had my morning bathe in the room, they had theirs in the pool.

They had kid's activity at 10 am everyday which is feeding the animals.

Iris tried to catch little chicks.

Then we needed to say good bye to the beach.

Iesha spotted the boat.

This man loves swimming. While we waved good bye to the beach, he swam in adult's pool. 

The clouds

Good bye Avi, till we meet again. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Prophet Muhammad's Methods of Education and Teaching

The Prophet Muhammad used varieties of techniques of teaching and educating, which included the following:

Illustrative parables
A parable is a short fictitious story that illustrates a moral attitude or a religious principle. Parables have been used throughout the course of history by prophets and learned men. I came across one article on Christian teachings which stated that the Bible contains many parables, which explain heavenly principles using earthly objects. Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him) said: I heard the Messenger of Allah saying: Behold! Can any dirt remain on the body of any one of you if there were a river at his door in which he washed himself five times daily? They said: No dirt would remain on his body. He (bpuh) said: That is like the five prayers by which Allah obliterates sins (reported by Muslim). 

Another example is as reported in Mishkaat "Rasulullah (bpuh) said: By Allah, this world in comparison to the hereafter is nothing but as though one of you dipped his finger in the sea. So ponder how much of sea water, the finger returns with." Translated as "Perumpaan dunia dengan akhirat adalah kalian mencelupkan jari kalian ke laut, kemudian diangkat, lihatlah dunia hanya air yang ada di jari tersebut." 

Narrative stories
Story telling is a brilliant, enjoyable, and effective method to teach children beliefs, values, and morals. This is particularly true for young children who have short attention spans and require attention-holding interactions. The Prophet (bpuh) often used this method with his Companions. Well, who doesn't love story telling?

Making oaths 
At times, the Prophet (bpuh) would gain a person's attention by means of an oath. This is a valuable technique, particularly for the purpose of emphasizing significant concepts. Abu Shurayh reported that the Prophet (bpuh) said: By Allah. he does not believe! By Allah, he does not believe By Allah, he does not believe! It was said: Who is that person, O Allah's Messenger? He answered: that person is he whose neighbor does not feel safe from his evil.

Understanding the complexities and difficulties of life, Prophet Muhammad (bpuh) took a gradual approach in teaching several of the principles of the religion. This was most often used in the prohibition of social evils such as alcohol, but it can also be applied to commandments as well. The rationale for this method is to take the time needed to change hearts and minds through persuasion and education, rather than simply imposing rules and laws. This will ensure that children accept the customs of Islams by their own choice, rather than being forced to accept them. Practical examples of application may include wearing the hijab, learning how to pray correctly, fasting during Ramadan, and so forth. 

Offering a viable alternative
When correcting people's mistakes, the Prophet (bpuh) would offer a feasible alternative to the inappropriate behavior of the individual. Doing this saved the person from embarrassment and reduced the likelihood that s/he would be resistant to change. 

Paying attention to inherent aspects in human nature
The Prophet (bpuh) understood the nature of human beings and the natural feelings and emotions that they are likely to experience.  For this reason, he was patient with other people's faults or improper conduct. This concept can certainly be applied in the case of children who often act through natural instincts. 

These are some of examples given in the book I currently read, 'Nurturing Eeman in Children' by Dr Aisha Hamdan. Parenting however is not an easy task. No matter how knowledgeable we are in parenting, the strength to endure this journey is in Allah's will. There were times when we lose patience, when we were too lazy to get up from the couch when they needed us to switch on the bathroom's light, and so yes, only Allah who can grant us all of these good traits. May Allah grant us the steadfast and understanding. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Of Creative Minds

Designed by Iris, 5 years old


Iesha can draw!

'Umar & Iesha' by Iesha, 3 years old

A Walk to Remember

I received a text message from Firdaus "She nak join 5km walkathon tak?" A question which he already answered without having my consent. How fair was that? I was not a fan of 'Merentas Desa' back in my school years. I was unsure on my physical ability when he re-assured me I can do just great. He registered us for a walkathon organized by Diebates Malaysia for World Diabetes Day 2013. So on 10th November's morning we left the girls at the nursery and we readied with our blue t-shirt attached with the bib. The event scheduled at 7.50 am at Dataran Merdeka however, we reached the LRT at 7.40 am. God, we surely be the phantom walkers, but thank goodness we've made it to the starting line.  I kept forcing Firdaus to check the GPS to see how far the finish line within walking distance. 5 km walking was something tough for my legs, but thanks to my lungs and heart I succeeded to the finish line. It was a great experience though, minus the muscle strain I suffered the next day. Till then, enjoy our experience!

We were late.

"What lies ahead?"

At starting line

In 3, 2, 1...

Walk in rain (not romantic at all with the muscle strained).

The walkers

I'm gonna faint, gonna faint.

Where's home?

And finally...

...we've made it! (Harus ada cahaya gambaran kejayaan!)

Celebrated World Diabetes Day with Milo Tuang.