Wednesday, June 25, 2014

...and we failed.

The elephant toothpaste was in our Experiments-To-Do (ETD) list for quite some time. We needed Bapak to smuggle a bottle of hydrogen peroxide liquid from his office.  Due to the fact that Bapak was a MARESMART (read non-smuggler), he didn't do such thing. So I kept on searching and asking from the hair salons but to no avail. Finally Bapak found a bottle with only RM6 in a pharmacy near our house. We put our lab coats on and wished that we could make an elephant happy!

What we need:
1. A bottle
2. Hydrogen peroxide liquid
3. Liquid dish washing soap
4. Dry yeast
5. Warm water
6. Food coloring

What to do:

1. Pour hydrogen peroxide into the cup.

2. Choose your toothpaste color that makes your elephant happy.

3. Drop the food coloring into the cup.

4. Stir the ingredient.

5. Drop some liquid dish washing soap.

6. Mix them well.

7. Mix dry yeast with warm water.  First, pour hydrogen peroxide ingredient into the bottle, then add that dry yeast ingredient. Stand back and get ready!

However, we have failed!
We need to get this next time! Be patient, Elmer!

What we were up to?

We did quite a lot of things actually for these past few months.  And one of them was baking!  I am known to the world as a horrible baker who definitely can't bake. But for my girls who are known as Nerdy Nummy's die hard fans, I bake. I just simply can't get along with eggs, and butter, and flour and most probably anything to make cake.  But the support I got from my girls was endless and so we baked. Together. Well, the results were not that bad at all. At least we have that cakey texture. So here are some of the experiments on eggs and butter. 

Guess what cake they made? Hint: that 7 cups.

Yes, the upside down rainbow cake.

They glued each piece with whipping cream.

Good moms let their kids lick the beaters. You're welcome.

Keep gluing.

They put some decorations.

And more.


Iyra put some elephants on her dress.

Licking start now.

Never judge a cake by its icing!


In 10 minutes...

We tried to make banofee pie too!

Simple chocolate cake.

We read book on cakes too!

Iris wanted to make cookies.

And she tried.

She just did it! She must be so proud of herself!

Iris wants this for her birthday. "I want this white (she pointed to off-white) Kitchen Aid mixer for my birthday." (I mean seriously, how can she said Kitchen Aid so fluent when my first word on mixer was on my 30s? And it was Pensonic.)

Missing us?