Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What amuse Iesha at 2 months old?

Baby flashcards and...

a ceiling fan.

Mummy, I can draw a circle!

It is almost a perfect circle Iris! Congratulations!

A note for Iris: You can draw a circle at the age of 20 months.

My Gorgeous Nanny 911

Thank you Anya!

Thank you Anya,
feeding Iris with scrumptious food,
making Iris your own aiskrim Ribena,
bathing her,
playing with her,
not raising up your voice over her,
reading with her,
playing the Baby Einstein DVD player to her,
combing her hair,
singing her favorite lullabies,
changing her diapers,
listening to her,
hugging her whenever she fears of sounds of the jet pejuang and the sound of the storm,
dancing with her,
teaching her the alphabets and the numbers,
comforting her at nights,
for the unconditional loves you shower her.

And thank you,
taking over my shift to look after Iesha whenever I need one,
changing Iesha's dirty diapers,
flashing the baby flashcards to her,
comforting her,
hugging her,
playing with her,
for the unconditional loves you shower her.

And thank God,
Nadia Farhan.

Goodbye life.

Hello sisters forever!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Abang, sorry ye.

My breast is functional, not sexual.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Self-proclaimed Fact

I am a super mummy. Hats off.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Iris Story: First Trip to Salon

Where's Iris?

"Mummy, Bapak takut?" (er?)

The first salon conversation
"Uncle pakaikan apron okay?"
"Okay, kalau taknak Uncle pakaikan towel kecik okay?"
"Okay, takpe-lah, Uncle potong rambut saja okay"
And you went "Haa!", "Haa!" everytime the Uncle cut your hair short.

Location: SAND, ECM Kuantan
Date: 12 July 2010
Who brought you there: Mummy, Bapak, Anya and Baby Iesha!

The cost
: RM5!

Tadaa! Look, you have nice fringe, no more traumatized hair cut session with Nek Ma!

"Mummy, Iris boleh cakap umur berapa?"

At 22 months.

People: Bapak (your first fluent word), Mummy, Nya, Nyon, Wawan, Min, Kakak, Ba, Ma, Abang, Kakak, Obom, Iyish (herself), Mak, Ida, Pik, Yaya, kawan, and the latest is Asha (Iesha)

Food: egg, telur, nashik, ikan, fish, acekelat (chocolate), shushu, air, leaves (sayur), buah, ayam.

Animals: cat, lizard, dog, fwog (frog), coco-coroach (cocroach), lipash, cow, duck, bird, elai (butterfly), lalat, bug, ulat, shnake, shkito (mosquito)

Places: moshque, kedai

Verbs: potong, hug, shayang, kish, lompat, enang (berenang), shemayang

Adjectives: panash, hot, shejuk, beshar, kecikkk, cantik (Mummy cantik)

Iris, this is what I can recall. You can make a sentence with four words by now.

Good bye Oasis.

Hi nursery rhymes.

Monday, July 5, 2010

My Baby Iesha

Hi world! I am two months old!