Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Birthday presents from Firdausku Sorang

In all the world

There's just one Mum

Who stands out

From the rest,

And just in case

You are wondering,

It's you Mum ~

You are the best!

Happy Birthday!

Calendar hits June 22 and I'm 29 this year. I wish for more happy years ahead, and more loves! Happy birthday to me! Thank you for all the wishers!
P/S: I am practical, so are my birthday presents. I got a waist trimmer, a voucher and a card and a cake. (It's a hint, I better watch out, that waist trimmer, it's a sign to get back to good old shape, or else he'll run away with woman with better shape and waist. Watch out babe!)

Hello Blog!

Too many stories to tell, too few minutes to blog!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I hope it is easy as A, B, C

“How about Iman Aafreen or Amal Aafreen.. Or Iffa Aafreen..Aafreen means brave or acclaim..Iman is faith and Amal is amalan lah..Iffa jap telupa”; I received this short message from Bapak on 6th May on 11:50 PM and another one 2 minutes after that “Iffah or Iffa means purity or modesty”. My, the naming game was about to start. I tell you, as a parent, the hardest part of parenting is naming a baby. I always hope I can easily naming them Baby A, Baby B, Baby C and the list goes on.

Nek Ma suggested Iffa Rania but the next day she told me it sounded Alfa Romeo, so we thought of another names. Last time for my first daughter, she suggested Dasmeen, Zara and Kaisara but we ended up none of these names. This time she suggested Amanee, I think it’s a sweet name. She’s a teacher, she advised me not to give familiar names. I quote her “Jange-lah bagi nama familiar, kasian ko cikgu-cikgu nok panggil, semua nama sama, kena tagging pulok lepas tu”. Okay, I get it.

Nek Ma and Tok Ba had a great fight, I tell you why. Tok Ba suggested Qistina and Bastitah. They are good names, but he is a teacher no-no. Thank you anyway, you did a good work! Tok Kedah was cool as ever “Takpa-lah nama apa pun asal maqna nya eloq”. Grin.

Naming Baby 101, I quote extraordinary thinker of ordinary things, Auntie Yanti “Please google the names before naming your baby”. See, it is not an easy task. Furthermore I was suffered with spinal headache for four days so I cannot maximize my brilliant brain. I need names with initials I and A. The game was over when we finally came to a final decision. And like Kak Iris, Bapak legally registered your name on your 11th day (17th May 2010). So here you are, a beautiful baby with a beautiful name: Iesha Aafreen means a woman of brave. I hope you will be a brave woman with a beautiful heart.

Iesha Aafreen, you are a woman of brave.

Well Wishes From Well Wishers

A bunch of baby thanks to the phone callers:
Families, Kak Mah The Sitter, Stylo Auntie Yanti, and those who I forgot to mention names, thank you very much! (It’s obvious I don’t have many friends. I’m scared of the word ‘Many')

Thanks to wishers who text as well:
Salam. Congrats! Apa nama baby? She d mana? Ktan ke kltan?
-Kak Chiah,May 5, 2010 8:18 PM

Tahniah,kakak..smg b’tmbh kbhgian dlm keluarge n smg bby sht slalu n jd ank yg solehah,amiin.nnt MMS gambar eh.nk tgk bby.:)
-Che Na & Ayah D, May 5, 2010 5:41 PM mummy c-sec!mkn ikan haruan!huhu!sdap!then pati ikan haruan.supaya luka cpt baik.take cre!
-Adah, May 10, 2010 8:30 PM

CONGRATULATIONS! nt mms gmbr mu n baby..
-Auntie Yong Zara, May 6, 2010 8:52 PM

Tahniah 2 ur little princess.
-Auntie Ayu, May 9, 2010 1:15 PM

Congratulations to both of u 4 ur 2nd dlevery. Baby girl again.. Weee.. Plz mms me some pix ok. Take care. Love u.
-Auntysha, May 5, 2010 10:47 AM

And to friends in Messenger!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Welcome Home Baby Number Two!

The day of the week you came home
7th May 2010 at 4 pm

Who brought you home
Mummy, Bapak, Nek Ma

What are their expressions once they saw you
“Oh, baby girl-lah!”

Our home address
It’s your grands' home sweet home


A simple Maths, but a complicated decision to make.

It was 3rd May 2010 when I had my first appointment at HUSM Kubang Kerian after several at Kuantan. I was referred for footling breech. I went there with my father since Firdausku Sorang had his first paper of his very first examination.

Here is the conversation between me and the doctor that I will not forget.

Doc: Baby ni footling breech ni, kena Caeser ni. So I letak you in list this Thursday for Caeser.

And I was like “What? This Thursday?”

Me: Dah tak boleh pusing ke doktor? Buat ECV dulu tak boleh? Khamis ni?

Doc: Normally kalau footling breech memang kena Caeser, tapi if you insist, boleh refer specialist.

Me: Kalau boleh refer, refer la doktor. Saya kalau boleh nak normal delivery.

Doc: Okay, apa-apa pun you datang Thursday and we’ll see what we can do for you.

We’ll see.

It was Thursday, 5th May 2010. I had my second appointment. I went there with Firdausku Sorang because he had no paper that day. Unfortunately we missed the morning round so I have to wait for evening round. I was admitted to 2 Akik’s ward and I was scheduled for Caesarian delivery on the next day, 6th of May. So there I was, lying on the bed hoping that the miracle would happen and my baby would turn so that I will have normal delivery. I thought of Iris as well, I left her with a kiss on a cheek while she was still sleeping.

Then the nurse came and did the normal procedure after admitting to the ward. They checked the baby’s movement and to my surprise there was 2:10 contraction. An hour later the doctor came to me and she said I’ll be having Caesarian in two hours time-Emergency Caesarian. Yes, an emergency. Still I hoped for my little baby to turn the head down. I had a very long discussion with the doctor before signing the consent. She said I can have normal delivery but I have to face some risks. She herself is a breech baby, but her mother delivered her normally. Thus, it encouraged me to deliver in natural way. I asked for second opinion.

Me: Abang, macamana ni? Doktor cakap She kena Caeser tengahari nanti. Memang She tak boleh deliver normal la ni?

Abang: Abang rasa better Caeser-lah She. Benefit is more than risk, She.

Benefit is more than risk. And that what made me sign the consent.

I called and texted ones who close to me, telling that I will have C-sec in two hours time.
In the blink of an eye, I was on the bed outside the OT room. The nurse asked whether I have my husband waiting for me outside, I said he was around so the nurse called him and he was in the library studying for the next day’s examination.

For the second blink of an eye, there he was my personal midwife, wearing the surgeon’s gown I want to make love in that, accompanied me into the OT room. And there I was battling with the procedure, it was painless but still I was scared of my footling breech baby. Firdausku Sorang was battling with the situation as well; he kept telling me ‘Semuanya okay, sikit je lagi’ for like hundred times. Twenty minutes after that I saw the doctor pulled my baby’s feet and I saw them blue, I was scared to death something bad happened to my newborn. And later I heard my baby’s cry, and like my first daughter's arrival, I was crying of joy. One of the nurses told me “Oh, oghe kito”, I didn’t get it at first then I realized I have another baby girl, call me Kimora Lee Simon by now. Yay! Girl power!

The team did a good work; a thank you note is not enough. Then everybody did a normal routine; the doctors did another surgery, a father-cum-student went to a library, and we discovered each other in a most pleasant way-breastfeeding he he (macam pantun pulak).

Welcome to a new world little baby with big loves from all of us! Yay, famili kita dah ada empat orang!