Monday, July 6, 2015

Hand Painted Glass Bottles

My little girls love picking flowers. It is another one of those perfect little girls thing to do. I often received flowers from them whenever I came back home from work. I always touch by their sweet offerings. 

So I saved few bottles as I thought these would be perfect for their flowers arrangement. I haven't hoarded so much because we just moved to this new house. So I managed to get two small beverage bottles and a large green bottle I used as a dining table flower vase. I knew they would fight for equality, but thank goodness, Iyra agreed to take the biggest one. She loves to be the greatest among her sisters.

They enjoyed turning a plain bottle into a beautiful flower vase. Now they have sound purpose for flower picking! 

To paint glass bottles, you will need: Bottles, acrylic paint, paint brush and some embellishment (optional)

Do not help your children with their art. Let them paint by themselves.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will get you everywhere! 

Iris tried to paint Iris.

Re-purposing old bottles. (More reasons to hoard, hehe)

Picked up flowers in our small garden.

My flowers.




Even the nutcracker loves flowers.

See, I told you. Iesha loves making surprise note. This time, it comes with best hand-picked flowers. :)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Rock Painting

As the title suggests, rock painting involves small rocks and pebbles and then paint them with colors. We can being creative by turning the plain rocks into creatures, flowers or monsters! That was what we did last week. 

They had so much fun doing this. They wanted to give these monster rocks to Bapak for Father's Day. We used acrylic paints because they are durable. We also glued some goggly eyes to give our monster rock a little bit of characters. But we ran out of the eyes so most of the eyes were painted (you need a super steady hand for this).

We glued the rocks with magnets we bought at Daiso. So that we can put them on the fridge and let them multiply. Hee. Here's one tip for you. Glue magnet which is three times bigger than the rock, so that it would not slip down the fridge with the weight. 

Not only the girls liked these monster rocks, Bapak also loved them as Father's Day gift. (Money saved.)

Prepare. To make monster rocks, you will need: Rocks, acrylic paint, paint brush, goggly eyes and magnets (optional).

Then, paint the rocks.

Let dry.

Tadaa! Our monster rocks. (I obviously skipped drawing the faces and gluing the magnets).

One of my favorites by Iyra.

Can you spot where Iris put her monster rocks?

Spelling with Salt

Apparently, Iesha is into spelling. She would take her note book and her pencil and asked me the words to spell. But it seemed it doesn't last longer. She was getting bored spelling on her note book. Hence the idea of this sensory spelling activity.

There are many ideas of multi-sensory activities to encourage children to spell/ write/ draw. I found this one is the easiest. You just need a tray to spread the salt, a black paper (or any vibrant color papers) and salt. Then you may start the spelling activity. 

Iesha and Iyra liked this activity so much, while Iris had trouble sitting still for the activity to continue. So I already prepared an article about salt for us to discuss. I found this interesting article here.

We continued the activity with the story about salt. Iris was amazed when I told her the word salary comes from Latin word to do with giving or getting salt. The girls were also very much excited when I told them we can get salt from sea water by boiling it. They planned to get the sea water from our next visit  to the beach. 

It sounds pretty interesting. 

Prepare the materials. Pour into the tray. Spread the salt. Taste some.

Iesha and her words.

Iris and her words.

Iyra with her drawings.:)