Monday, June 23, 2008

Instead Of Counting Birthdays, I Count Blessings Every Day!

I turned 27 on June 22, 2008. And I really thanked God for these beautiful and blessed years. There are too many blessed things happened in my life and of course to list one is having you in my belly. Another year that God gave me is really a happy gift. Thanks Allah for everything, anything that you gave and will give to me (albeit some times I err… unintended missed solah).

Another greatest gift that Allah gives to me is your beloved Bapak. Not only because of his sexy smirk (oh la la!), but also the brilliant brain he got. Brilliant here means how he is so smart in organizing a surprise birthday party to Mummy! I was so overwhelmed that made me cried dalam hati.

We celebrated Mummy’s birthday at Swiss Garden Hotel, Beserah, and 30 minutes from our rented house. Not that I want to showing off, but when it comes to celebrations and parties, I just want a simple and undemanding one. (I am quite stingy when it comes in spending money. Oh yeah?) But Bapak said he wanted a different ambience to celebrate my birthday, not an ordinary one at home.

So there we were at Swiss Garden’s 8345 room, the room which faces the beautiful beach and the bluest sky I have ever seen. How on earth the tears wouldn’t stream on your face seeing all these surprise? I love Bapak so much not because of this surprise (well liar, of course it have a say of 30% of my love towards Bapak), but because how he can manage to do all these. He is the busiest medical doctor I ever known (well, all doctors are busy) but still he has the time to plan this romantic birthday party! Oh, now I really cry, yes, di luar hati.

I got a stunning handbag which I got my tongue twisted to pronounce the brand-Guy Laroche (Gilaruc I think). Hopefully I won’t feel supercilious once I bring it to the office since I never had such an expensive handbag. And I got a book too, ‘Mencari Jalan Pulang, Daripada Sosialisme Kepada Islam’ by Kassim Ahmad. And not to forget the birthday card. And of course a slice of Secret Recipe’s cake!

There went my birthday celebration perfectly at 12 midnight June 22, 2008 at Swiss Garden. Wherever the celebration is, Bapak still his best self in kain pelekat and me with my new long john and tee. Bapak sang me the birthday song while dancing his best belly dance and I blew the candles for a lengthy time since I have lots of wishes and hopes!

Thank you so much my dear Abang, your dear Bapak. And I also thank for all the well-wishers who phoned me and texted me – my adored family, my all dearly loved cousins and my dear friends.

Happy 27th Birthday to myself!

Oh what a lovely presentation!
I see Bapak in Kassim, seriously!

I Can See The Balls, You Are A Boy!

The most mysterious question has been answered on June 17, 2008 when an Iraqi doctor scanned my belly. No wonder you kicked me a lot, you got that two balls that you cannot resist yourself from kicking the balls too! How cute those two balls hanging from between your two fatty hips. You don’t even shy to show to the rest of the world, not only for Bapak and Mummy’s eyes, but the doctor’s too. Oh, how macho you are my dear baby!

When the doctor broke the news, Bapak just can’t help himself smiling from ear to ear. He definitely won the guessing game. Oh how on earth was I got myself wrong for my first mother instinct? I should have guessed you a boy since you are kicking me 24/7, but I thought you might be a naughty girl since I taught Electrical and Electronics Technology, that Heat Transfer and that Computer-Aided Design to approximately 240 university students (which most of them are boysssss!!! Did I mention boys?). Nay, I was wrong! You are a very boy with that so-called scrotum!

Oh welcome my baby boy! I am sure you are a handful one just like your Bapak. Honestly I only prepared for the baby girl’s name which I would love to name you as Nona if you are a girl. The only one who thought about the baby boy’s name was…again, Bapak! He wants to name you Solehuddin which I would prefer to call you Superdin when I dressed you up with Superman’s attire. I have to start thinking of the boy’s name now!

This is really one of my OMG’s moments. I am going to have a baby boy! Yeehaa!!! In another 2 months time I have two boys as my roommates! Oh how my life will change for a very boyful hour!

Post/ script: Should Mummy get 3 Superman’s attire?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Father's Day

We celebrated Father’s Day one day earlier since Bapak scheduled on-call on Sunday. I bought Bapak a special candy from Hyatt because I had a meeting at Hyatt on previous day. But I know deep in my heart that candy was actually for us rather than for Bapak. Shh… don’t spill the bean! But Bapak was cheerful as always when he received a gift. Well, just look at the photo.

You are so fortunate to have Bapak as your father. With those extra fleshes and fats, I am definitely positive that you don’t need that Ikea quilt and mattress. He even can be your perfect rugby coach. He even want to home-schooling you which I am quite uncertain with that decision (err, how on earth could he get that free time?). He speaks to you more than I did. He just loves to talk to you, even though his favorite line is “Baby tendang Mummy kuat-kuat!” And not to forget, “Baby tutup mata. Sekarang Bapak nak romen-romen ngan Mummy”. I will tell you what ‘romen-romen’ means when you turned up 12. Err…is it too early?

So let’s check out about Bapak.

  • Good listener. Check!

  • Great ‘mattress'. Check!

  • Will teach you how to ‘fly’ if you MRSM scholar. Check!

  • Won’t allow you to be a medical doctor. Check!

  • Will buy you lots of subversive books. Check!

  • Will tell you how bad smoking is to your lung. (Oh, what an irony!). Check!

  • Will teach you how to hold your breath and terjun tiruk in swimming pool. Check!

  • Very good belly dancer. Check!

  • Provides me with best swimmer ever! Double check!

Err...don't worry Baby. He just can't control his muscles when he received a gift.

Surprise! Surprise!

Yummy! One for Bapak and eight for us!

Monday, June 9, 2008

A Celebration of Love

On June 2, 2006 I married Bapak. That was the brightest decision I have ever made in my life (so far). You are nowhere at that moment. Where are you lurking my dear baby? Are you in Heaven with all other beautiful babies? I have always wondered where you are before Allah putting you in my womb. Like other life questions that puzzled me. “What happens to our souls when we died?” “Am I going to miss my dear Abang when I died?” Bapak answered I will miss him if I was a good person or else I would be too busy with the punishment. Both are worse.

And now is June 2, 2008. Yay, we successfully made it two years! Happy second anniversary to both of us! It feels like yesterday I married your Bapak (what a direct translation of rasa macam baru semalam je). And I failed to be the first person to wish us Happy Anniversary. I failed twice. L!

We celebrated it with an undemanding celebration. Bapak bought us a slice of Secret Recipe and he cooked us a special chicken chop. Yummy! I love his chicken chop special recipe. After dressed up with our best outfits, Bapak with his mere pelekat and no shirts on (that is his best outfit okay) and I with my favorite pajama, we started the celebration with the smooching-smooching and hugging-hugging session. Gotcha! We are quite old-fashioned when it comes to party and bash. After sang our own anniversary song in birthday tune, we started eating the chicken and the cake. That was how our second anniversary went on. But still it was a romantic moment for me. Staring and pinching Bapak’s fleshes and fats are what romantic means to me. Oh how I am so much in love with Bapak.

I gave Bapak two rugby t-shirts I bought in KL while I got a very stunning necklace and a nice handmade card. It wasn’t the gifts that matter, but the love your Bapak showered me is the key to our successful second year of marriage. When it comes to luahan perasaan, my very mother tongue describes the best, “Aku saye gilo ko Muhammad Firdaus bin Abasssssss!!!!!!!!!”

Happy Second Anniversary Firdausku sorang!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Wonder

I wonder…

  • Can you hear to my voice when I talk to you?

  • Do you really sleep when I sleep?

  • Did you feel when I rub my big pregnant belly?

  • When my stomach as hard as a rock due to abdominal bloating, do you get sick too?

  • Are you comfortable in there?

  • Do you befriend with any other creature in my womb? Are there?

  • Mummy’s stomach got cacings not?

  • Do you ever get drowned?

  • How did you breathe? Err, with all that amniotic fluid?

  • Did you play with your toes?

  • Can you make bubble with the amniotic fluid?

  • Why you kick Mummy a lot?

All I can say is ‘Subhanallah’.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Shop Till You Drop (Part II)

Bapak and I had our second baby shopping on June 1, 2008 at my favorite Swedish furniture store, Ikea - the giant store that has all the things you don't need under one roof. This time it was a planned shopping and we were adrenaline fueled. And Mummy seemed more excited than Bapak in Part II. But he was still searching you the best stroller in town. Let him get the headache of getting you the stroller. I always wanted to get you cute little stuff.

We checked out from Grand Seasons Hotel at 12pm after having a long romantic foamy bath tub freshen up. Whoopsie, I should have kept that part for myself. And we went straight to Ikea. I have listed the things that I want to get you which are the baskets to put your clothes and an extra storage to keep your medication (err, something was wrong here? I have never shopped according to the list… so far). That were the only things I want to get you at the Ikea. I didn’t know what Bapak had on his mind, but I knew mine.

The first thing we grabbed at the Ikea were the big yellow bags. And there started our shopping madness. And we started to talk in Swedish.

Bapak: Good dag, Mummy.
Mummy: Good dag, Bapak.
Bapak: Hur mår du?
Mummy: Tack, jag mår bra.
Bapak: Let’s start the shopping!
Mummy: Begheh! (Err, sounds more buduish than Swedish)

And you know what dear baby? We went straight to baby’s department. (Liar! Mummy grabbed so many things in between). We walked separately most of the time since Bapak and I had our own ego when it comes to grabbing things. But we united back when it comes to your bed. Mummy was so head over heels with this white baby bed. It isn’t a cot but a bed which is soooooo awe-inspiring. I imagined you on the bed and Mummy decorate it with lots of soft toys and … there went the dream. Then Bapak pulled me back to reality when he said you are too small for the bed. Hjälp! Mummy was so in love with that baby bed! After a long discussion, we agreed to get you the baby mattress and the animal theme quilt.

Mummy’s broken heart was cured when I found you the beautiful basket! Without arguing, Bapak helped Mummy to take the basket from the shelf. Yay! I can cross the first thing in the list. And the shopping went crazier when we changed the yellow bag to a big trolley. Mummy even forget to ask Bapak my favorite line “Var är toaletten?”

I think I better stop here since the photos will tell everything. I didn’t snap every stuff that we bought since Bapak told me some things are better left unsnapped.

In the list

Still in the list

Lionte and elephante (out of list..but who cares?)

Wee!!! You can tuck your little feet into the pillow!

Elephante blanket

More blankets

Red quilt and tumbler

Blue basin and seat

Mummy sure snap lots of your photos
Size S colorful hangers!!!

Red mug for Bapak

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

P. Ramlee The Musical

Bapak has always been P. Ramlee’s huge fan since the first day I knew him. He can watch P. Ramlee’s movies for hundred times. He even can switch the channel to Astro Prima just to watch P. Ramlee’s great movies even there is a live rugby match aired on ESPN. Yes, I think every Malaysian loves P. Ramlee. And I think he will be remembered for another hundred years. He is really a real legend.

I Wiki-ed P. Ramlee.

Tan Sri Dr P. Ramlee (22 March 192929 May 1973) was a Malaysian film actor, director singer, and songwriter. Due to his contributions in the movie and music industry, as well as in the literary scene, he is often attributed as the icon of Malay entertainment in both Malaysia and Singapore.”

Yes, he is our icon, our forever icon. How his movies touch our hearts and how his songs make the sick hearts sicker. As Bapak went fanatic about P. Ramlee, so did Mummy. With extra shekel in pockets, Bapak bought 2 tickets to a Theater P.Ramlee the Musical on 31st May 2008. Bapak said that would be the most memorable pre-wedding anniversary before we are going to have the third person in our lives. You-lah. Who else?

The Review

The musical was about his life as an actor, singer, songwriter, musician, screenwriter, film director and all-round Malay film icon. It was started with the rainy night at P. Ramlee’s house while he was just composed the last tune of Airmata di Kuala Lumpur. P. Ramlee acted by Musly Ramlee was really looked like a legend himself. Having him as the late P. Ramlee is the closest to having the real thing. Euww…scary. Then Saloma hugged her Remy from behind while smoking a cigarette and the scene really thugs my heart when Saloma said as if that song was written from someone who is going to die in no time. Liza Hanim reprised her role as the late Saloma was really a superb performance. Tiara is really swift chosen her as the main actress. She can sing and performed at the same time.

And there went the second scene in Penang when P. Ramlee got his first job offer from Malay Film Production by BS Rajhans. And my heart thugs again when Ramlee has to leave his first lover, Azizah acted by Rosnaida. Honestly Rosnaida did quite a good job, but she cannot sing as well as Siti. But still, thumbs up for her first try. Atilia as Junaidah was P. Ramlee’s first wife. The kampung type of girl acted by Atilia was great. My favorite actress for sure is P. Ramlee’s second wife after he divorced Junaidah which is Norizan played by Melissa Saila. Melissa Saila was really nailed Norizan as a strong wife and all I can say is she was just superb! Minus she can’t sing as well as Liza Hanim.

The ensemble cast also gave their best feet forwards. From the props to the costume, swell, there were all superb! Credits to all Enfiniti Production crew. They really deserved the standing ovation! Bravo!!! Below are some shots I managed to take at the musical.
Sally and Remy

With Creative Director, Adlin Aman Ramli

They deserved BIG standing ovation

The main cast

Melissa Saila as Norizan

Atilia as Junaidah

Musly Ramlee as P. Ramlee

Rosnaida as Azizah

Liza Hanim as Saloma

Mummy and Bapak Love Song

Fantasia Bulan Madu has always been Bapak and I love song for quite some time. I think we should change it to more oldie song since now we are so fanatical about going…err old? I think I want to vote for ‘Di Mana Kan Ku Chari Ganti’ by P. Ramlee. It is a beautiful song really. Bapak always sings that song when he searches for his socks or belt. I am not quite sure either he sings that for me or for the socks. But I just adore this song and I would like to dedicate this song to my lovely Abang if he ever reads my blog.

Yes I know this is a heartrending song. But seriously how could I find another Firdaus Abas? How? Oh, how? Oh, how I get so emotional now? Sob, sob. For you my ‘Firdausku sorang’…

“Hendak ku nangis
tiada berair mata
hendak ku senyum
tiada siapa nak teman
kalaulah nasib
sudah tersurat
begini hebat apa nak buat.

Di mana kan kucari ganti
serupa denganmu
tak sanggup ku berpisah
dan berhati patah hidup gelisah.

Alangkan pedih rasa hati
selama kau pergi
tinggalku sendirian
tiada berteman dalam kesepian.

Dunia terang menjadi gelita
cahaya indah tiada bergema
keluhan hatiku membawa derita
kini kau jua tak kunjung jelma.

Di mana kan ku cari ganti
mungkinkah di syurga
untuk kawan berduka
menangis bersama selama-lamanya.”

Music: P Ramlee
Lyrics: S Sudarmadji
Vocals: P Ramlee / Saloma
Film: 'Ibu Mertuaku' / 'My Mother In-Law' (1962)

Jangan Adek Angan-Angan

“Jangan-janganlah adik angan-angan
merayau ke alam impian
duduk termenung kesepian
tiada teman.”

I was hardly thinking of the attire I should wear to grace with my presence at the Theater P. Ramlee The Musical. I should dress up as close as Saloma since Bapak is going to be my Remy that night. I have been dreaming of being his very own Sally.

“Tujuh gunung lautan-lautan
sembilan lautan ala intan
umpan ku tabur dah makan
ikan dah makan.”

Bapak thought I have been possessed by Saloma’s ghost. He never knew how much I want to menghayati the character of Sally. I really want to have that butt, BUT (a big BUT there, not BUTT) I can’t have that in three days times. I was smitten really.

“Bagai-bagailah mana indah syurga
bertaman bunga aneka rupa
kalau si bunga tak dijaga
terkulai juga.”

So I tried out my old outfits and match with my old heely heels. Bapak just gave me that frolic smirk that I can’t bear, really. And I was certain that he was thinking that I can’t fit into my old kebayas and kurungs. I gave him the look that says, “Okay, we’ll see.” And urghhhh!!!!!!! I just can’t believe that I fit no more! Euww…scary.

“Dari hari purnama-purnama
sehingga purnama ala nyawa
bunga menanti pawana
dihembus pawana.”

Then I realized that I have you in my belly! Oh thank God, I thought it was something else. Hehe, see, I told you, I was really smitten! Keep on growing my dear baby because now I really am Bapak’s very own Sally.

Jangan-janganlah adek angan-angan

Merayau ke alam impian

Duduk termenung kesepian

Tiada teman

Tujuh gunung lautan-lautan
Sembilan lautan ala intan

Umpan ku tabur dah makan

Err, should I go Aloha!?

Or should I go I love America? (Filem kita, orang kita?)

'Jangan Adek Angan-Angan' was voted 'Lagu Sukaramai' / 'Favorite Song' by readers of 'Gelanggang Magazine' in 1960. P Ramlee recorded the original song with Rahmah Rahmat for 'Musang Berjanggut' (1959). He also remakes the song with Saloma for the album. Sharifah Aini and M Sani recorded a cover of 'Jangan Adek Angan Angan' in 1970s. Thanks to