Thursday, November 29, 2012

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I am a mother.  I have a dream for my daughters when they grow up.  I guess every mother has.  I want them to work in NASA headquarter in Washington DC.  I want them to report what happen with the stars, email me with those amazing massive, luminous sphere of plasma held together by gravity (thanks Wiki!), and tell me the work of the Intelligent Creator! See how my coffee talk with my husband went on about this matter.

Me: She nak either of them jadi first Muslim woman in NASA-lah.   Boleh tak She start doa diorang macam tu?

Firdaus: Boleh.

Me: She nak diorang tengok all the stars then diorang boleh bagitau kebesaran Allah.

Firdaus: Kebesaran Allah bukan sampai nak kena tengok stars baru tahu betapa besarnya Allah.  Benda kecik pun boleh nampak dah kebesaran Allah.

Okay, you are right.  But I still want to pray hard for this.  And guess what?  Without having any kind of milky way discussion or story telling session with my girls, yet, and a couple of days later, Iris had amazed me with this:

Iris: Mummy, boleh tak Iris nak get out dari Earth?  Iris macam dah boring lah kat Earth.  Mummy jangan-lah sedih, Iris pergi sekejap je, nanti Iris balik-lah.

I was so thrilled.

Me: Boleh sangat.  Iris nak pergi dengan apa?

Iris: Iris pergi dengan rocketship.  Bila dah boring dekat planet lain Iris balik-lah Earth balik.

Me: Boleh.  (Oh, you so can go)

And we started learn about planets.  Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.  And she has a new name for her little sister-Iyra Alveenus.  Well, that's not cool Iris, it's name-calling.  But it's funny though. 

Hey, don't you think it's simply a sign?  


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Congratulations Anya and Abang Uncle!

So suwiitt!!!

New angels in the house, yaww!

 Meet Mr Naza, a soulmate to my gorgeous cousin, KakMa.  Wish you all a happy journey!

Baby Aleescha Sophea, tiny lil munchkin to my cousin Atia.  Oww, so gewam! 

I tak kire.

I tak kire,
Tak kesahle,
You gile ke,
I ke gile,
I nak you usehe,
Sampai you berjaye.

I dah nak gile,
You relax-relax je,
Yang I tau,
I nak you mau,
Pass exam ni, tau!

Peace yaww!

Good Luck Dear!

Dear Mr Firdaus,

Good luck for your exam tomorrow.  
Please do your very best.
After what we've been through,
all these struggling years,
all these ups and downs,
we just need to finish what we've started.

I know how much you hate,
those scientific articles,
name it ANN SURG
and all those alienated articles.
Don't worry,
I hate them either.

But it's in you that matters.
You love doing op so much.
I can see those smiles in your eyes,
how you told me about your first op,
on your first cleft patient.
You love to make people love themselves.
It's something inside you,
that purely inside you,
saying that you love surgical so much.
And how much you love it.
Don't worry,
I love them too.

I have my downs too,
and they affect you,
I know.
Forgive my discouraging words,
I was so in the verge of breaking down,
and I thought you need to break down too.
Forget that downs,
cause you gonna be so up!
I know you can do it!

So all the best my dear.
To you, I wish back your favorite quote:
Good, gooder, goodest! (Funny-lah you!)
And I'm sure you would be the goodest.
Insya Allah.

Trust in Allah.
He won't make the mountain smaller,
but He will definitely make climbing easier.
So, fully submit to Him dear.
Not seasonal, but forever! (Gotcha!)


Say yes to AES!

I respect the law. 

I would pay the summonses.  But officer, I am a mother.  Boleh kurang sikit tak?


The Preparation

I meant the cake.  The cakes.  We had a double birthday celebration at the girls' school for Iris and Iesha.  And so I tried to have cakes that they will remember forever.  I did ask them what kind of cakes they want for their birthday.  Iris wanted Barbie cake, while Iesha asked for frog cake.  Both requests shocked me out.  We didn't have Barbie in house, not even Ken.  And frog?  Finally I got them white plain cakes and decorated them myself.  I ordered the white cakes in the bakery and got the edible cake toppers in another shop specialized in Wilton's stuff: International Center of Cake Artistry in Dataran Sunway.

 The white plain cake.  See how beautiful the frosting is.

 I decorated it with M&Ms.

 Top it with edible gifts!

 I hope they would remember these.

 Even it wasn't Barbie.

 Nor frog.

 But don't you love it?

 At least I love it.

Final product!

Happy Birthday Dear Iris

You are four.  
My love pour.  
Not on the floor.  
Neither in store.
But only for:

Happy birthday dear Iris.