Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Iris And Her First Book

Shh, can't you see I am reading?

Mummy, can you help me turn the page please?

My first book - "My Animal Carriage"

Thank you Bapak!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Three Months

You are already three months? Three months, already? This month was somewhat bittersweet for me, because I feel like you officially left your newborn days behind. Your cries doesn’t sound like ‘newborn’ sound anymore, you smile a lot, you coo a lot and you have more control of your head and body movements. I no longer keep track of your age in few weeks, you are starting to outgrow your 0-3 outfits. Lots of transitions this month and even though I don’t want to admit it, I’d say you are no longer a newborn. Oh Iris, you are growing too fast. You are, however, one of the sweetest, most content babies I have ever been around. You offer a smile to everyone who takes the time to talk to you. And you are no longer a sleepyhead, you spent most of the time playing with musical fish and squeakers, and oh yeah you have been busy acting a nerd reading your first book. You also love playing Up Up and Away with Bapak. So, even though I am somewhat sad, I am excited to see what each new phase has in store for you. Iris, for whatever months you will age, I will always love you.

You even have new style of sleep (Iris-3 months old)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Abang Zebby Rawks!

Bapak brought you a second squeaker. And we agreed to name him Abang Zebby because he looks matured and he sounds gentleman than Squid. Plus, he is a zebra, and he has that funky orange Mohawk so naming him Abang Zebby suits him very much. Now you have two squeakers to hug. Now go play with Abang Zebby because he rawks! Yeah!

I have two squeakers!

Mummy, can I eat Abang Zebby? Coz I love him so much!

Mummy, I Want More!

Click to enlarge!

Last week I bought these cool storage and feeding bottles from my favorite website, Mom’s Little One. It really motivates me to fill up the bottles with my BM because every ounce has its own inspirational line with cute cartoon character. First ounce shows a crying cartoon face, second ounce with a hunger face, third ounce with yummy face, fourth ounce with burping face, and finally the fifth ounce stated my favorite line ‘Tq Mom’. And that’s why I always try to fill up the bottles up to five ounce because I really want you to have that happy face just like the cartoon. (“Oh Mummy, you are the best target person of any salesman”).

A Love for Shoes (Part I)

Ah, shoes!

I bought you these cute no brand shoes to fit your cute little foot. No baby no, it’s neither Clerk’s; nor Jimmy Choo’s, but they are Tunas Mart’s. I know you can’t even walk yet, not even stand on your own feet, but who cares? I am afraid they might sold out. No, it is because they only cost me RM10.00! Let me tell you one of Fashion 101 – we don’t have to always wear branded stuff to look cool, babe! I am sure you growing up liking shoes just like Mummy! So let’s Mummy inspires you with these cute little shoes!

Yellow is yummy!

Yo-man! Yo!

Monday, December 22, 2008


It is hard to allow others to keep my precious cargo. I am so nervous leaving and let you alone wrenching new environment, new people, and new everything. Are you keeping on staring at the fan on the ceiling like you always did at home? Do they know how to make you laugh with Squid the Squeaker? Will they cradle you when you want to sleep? Do they sing a bath song like Bapak always did to you? Or are they just leaving you crying and scream to your face to just make you shut up? Oh man, I can’t have my mind in one piece now.

This is the first day I leave you with the babysitter. So many things caught up in my mind. Sigh. Are you okay now? What are you doing now? Up to now (3 hours from the time I left you), I have called your sitter 4 times and texted her 5 times asking for you. Please, I wish I were a housewife. A good one who knows how to cook.

Ah, finally I leave you out with the sitter. I hope you are doing just fine. You don’t have Mummy for a while. But you do have Squid the Squeaker. Let the sitter squeeze it for you and you will be just fine.

Oh, how I wish I can secretly put CCTV on the sitter’s house!

Ah, finally!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oke, I Ngaku

Oke, I ngaku. I didn’t listen and memorize any songs since 5 years ago. Yes, five years ago. My last favorite band was Sheila On 7, and I still adore them. I bought all of their albums and I even got the original CD from Jakarta bought by Auntie Yanti. I love them so much that sometimes I dreamt I married to their lead singer, Akhdiyat Duta Modjo, and I settled down in Jakarta with two beautiful babies. Oke, I ngaku I crazy about him.

I didn’t really know what kind of music I am into. I listen to Elton John, George Michael, Cake, The Wallflowers, The Strokes, Weezer (I was their huge fan last 10 years), Radiohead, and Ramli Sarip (Bapak’s favourite, now becomes Mummy’s favorite also). I memorized all the songs and the numbers of drum hits.

But last few months I have listened to this one indie band from our country, yes, from Malaysia and I just fall in love with them. Seriously. La la laaaa! La la laa!!! OMG! Thanks to Meet Uncle Hussein, now my music life is back! I started crazy and last weekend Bapak helped me find the CD but no stores sell MUH. Maybe I can buy online. Hehe…

Oke, I ngaku. I started to crazy over MUH.

Now, let’s sing this song that makes my heart melt.

La La La Laaa…
La La La La La Laaa…
La La La La La Laaa…
La La La La La Laaa…
La La La La La Laaa…
La La La La La Laaa…
La Laaa… La Laaa…

Ooh! Pening kepala
Memikirkan tak ada kerja
Tanam Anggur
Sijil diploma
Ah! Gantung didinding saja
Ooh! Lega rasanya
Jawat kerja pegawai pemasaran
Di Pertama
Rupa, oh! Rupanya
Kerja am sajaaa!

La La La Laaa…
La, hari-hari kerja!
La La La Laaa… Bosan dengan kerja, haha!
La La La Laaa… La, hidup harus kerja, kerja!
La La La Laaa… La, hari-hari kerja!
La La La Laaa… Bosan dengan kerja, haha!
La La La Laaa… La, hidup harus kerja, kerja!

Ooh! Terpinga-pinga
Tak puas lagi beradu, mengantuk
Subuh hingga senja
Ah! Hari-hari sama saja
Ah! Nak bancuh kopi
Tapi gulanya tiada, minum saja
Kerja bagai nak gila
Ah! Tak juga kayaaa!

La La La Laaa…
La, hari-hari kerja!
La La La Laaa…
Bosan dengan kerja, haha!
La La La Laaa…
La, hidup harus kerja, kerja!
La La La Laaa…
La, hari-hari kerja!
La La La Laaa… Bosan dengan kerja, haha!
La La La Laaa… La, hidup harus kerja, kerja!

Gelisah, kugelisah
Mengenangkan masa depan
Kuharus kerja
Oh! Mesti kerja
Tiada apa yang percuma
Realiti tika tiada kerja
Oh! Papa kedanaaa!

La La La Laaa…
La, hari-hari kerja!
La La La Laaa… Bosan dengan kerja, haha!
La La La Laaa… La, hidup harus kerja, kerja!
La La La Laaa… Hari-hari kerja!
La La La Laaa… Bosan dengan kerja, haha!
La La La Laaa… La, hidup harus kerja, kerja!
La La La Laaa La La…La La La Laaa La La…La La La Laa La La…

Lyrics and music by: Meet Uncle Hussein

P/S: Ayah Wan told me Hussein means weed in street lang. But I only addicted to la la la laaaa!!!

Meet my new favorite band

Oh My Drama Baby!

Yesterday Mummy and Anya brought you to Klinik Kesihatan Sungai Isap for your third month injection. Mummy drove back home from work like crazy because Mummy forgot that your appointment was at 11am. I am not so cakna like Bapak when it comes to appointments and meetings and anniversaries.

Kak Ida, the nurse, really knew how to entertain you. You laughed like a big girl when she played with you. I even failed to make you laugh like that. The funny thing was you pee-pee when she put you on the weighting tool. But the not funny thing was you only gained 200 grams from last month. Maybe you travelled a lot last month, from Bukit Tinggi to Kedah to Kelantan back to Kuantan. Mummy sure eats lots of oats and white carrot after this.

Now the injection moment. No one knows my exact feeling when I saw you been jabbed by the nurse. It was one of my scariest moments in my life. Last month you were held by Bapak, but this time around the nurse asked me to hold you, not Anya. Yes, Anya is far calmer than me. So I held you. I have to admit that I hate syringe and needle. Everyone does.

Including you! You screamed like a true screamer when the needle got into your hip flesh. Poor Iris. I didn’t dare to look at you so I passed you to Anya. You screamed for two seconds then you stopped and smiled. You really are a drama baby…

After a dramatic moment, we went back home and because of the drug you slept like a baby. And the second dramatic moment started back at 4pm when you got that pre-mild fever. The only thing you wanted was being cradled by Anya and me. You kept on crying and I have to start telling you the truth that the injection is for your good health. You listened for a while then you continued crying.

I gave you paracetamol syrup but it cured you only for few hours then the fever hit you back. Thanks to Bapak and Anya, they really helped us a lot.

Cik Iris, you really are a drama baby. Thanks to my gene.

My drama baby...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Golden Drops

Yes, I am a firm believer of the goodness of breastfeeding. Thank God I still got enough milk for Iris. I didn’t read a lot about the benefit of breastfeeding, but I know it is the best food for babies. Bapak is also a firm believer in exclusive breastfeeding.

But it brought me a little problem once I went back to work. Tok Kedah was your first trainer to feed you my expressed breast milk (EBM) with the bottle. It was a chaos really. You refused bottle-fed and you dare ended up sleeping with empty stomach. I still remembered the first day I went back home from work, the first thing you searched from me was my milk and you drank like nobody business until you puke. It was really menyayat hati and I still remember up to this day.

Thank God after two weeks of training, you can bottle-feed easily. Thanks to Tok Kedah and also Nek Ma. But there are some days we tried to give you water and other formula milk, but you puke dramatically. You only want that drops from heaven.

I have experienced many things in breastfeeding. I really enjoy mothering you, but I cannot lie that sometimes stress did hit me. It happened when I thought that my milk is not enough for you. But Bapak said I didn’t have to worry because the milk is produced depend on your demand. I even consulted Dr. Rita Rahayu, a member of the Lactation Advisors and Consultants Association in Malaysia. She texted me this “Only those who are misinformed or uninformed will tell you to not to breastfeeding. Do not fall into the pit of ignorance! Knowledge, awareness, supports, and practice is your key to successful breastfeeding.”

And I will do everything to fully feeding you with my milk. I never online shopped, but to my surprise I did it because of you. I bought two bottles of herbs to enhance my expressed breast milk so I won’t get worry while I leave you with the sitter. I bought that from Dr. Rita’s website, Thanks to Auntie Arin who introduced me to that site. But the only thing I regret about breastfeeding is I didn’t pump my milk while I was in confinement. You slept a lot while you were a newborn so I did have overflowed milk and I didn’t keep it. Now all I can do is only make-to-order EBM instead of make-to-stock. No one was trying to advise me on make a stock! Don’t blame others, you have Google Search.

So, to all new mothers out there, do breastfeed your babies. It has more benefits than challenges. Happy mothering!

Milkmaid Tea and Rich Milk Tea

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Holiday At Bukit Tinggi

Mummy had a seminar at Bukit Tinggi on December 1st to 3rd. Mummy had a problem to find an available nanny who can take a great care of you. Bapak can’t take any leave. After Mummy had a long serious headache, Nek Ma and Tok Ba, your forever big fans, have volunteered to be your nannies for three days up at Bukit Tinggi. And oh yes, we had another two lovely gorgeous nannies – Anya and Antisha.

We were lodged up at Selesa Hillhomes at level 4. Can you imagine that we have to climb up the stairs to get to our room? And I have to do it five times daily to get to the seminar room (which was also at level 3 another block) and run over you to smooch you and hug you after a long tired seminar.

On the second day, we went to Bapak and Mummy’s favorite place – Colmar Tropicale. We have been there when you were negative seven months in my womb. Can you feel the sensation baby? Everybody loves this place including you! You learnt lots of things that day. You saw so many beautiful things. You breathe the cool breezy air. You just love it. We snapped lots of photos and thank to Antisha she brought her Samsung.

Even though it was a tiring seminar, but seeing Tok Ba, Nek Ma, Anya, Antisha and yours happy faces have made me the happiest person on earth! Bila mao jalan-jalan lagi?

Tok Ba's sweetheart

Rambut shiapa cacak-cacak tu?

At Rabbit Park

Kappow! Anya was a jelmaan of rabbit.

Nek Ma and Anya had fun feeding the donkeys

Je suis content que tu sois!


Lovely Antisha and Anya (Antima, I bring you next time ya!)


Ohé du bateau !

Ai, dah jadi Mummy for three months pun tak reti-reti pegang baby?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Your Big Day: Aqiqah

Aqiqah literally means cut and this word is often used for the hair of a new born baby that is cut or shaved. Prophet Muhammad pbuh and his companions used to perform aqiqah when they were bestowed with a new born. It was narrated in Sahih Bukhari, that the Prophet ( Peace be upon him ) said :

" With a ghulam ( young boy ) his aqiqah, then pour on his behalf blood and remove from him all that is offensive."

One week before aqiqah
We had a little problem with the goat because we didn’t find any yet. So I tried call up my old friend, Kak Long asking for it. And Thank God and thanks to Kak Long also we had the goat for aqiqah.

Two days before aqiqah
Now Tok Ba, Bapak, Ayah Wan and Pak Su Pa had a little problem with the goat. They have to feed him every day so that he would look handsome on his big day to heaven (err…he sure goes to heaven right?)

The big day
It was definitely a fiesta! There were so many people came to your big day and luckily we had two goats for the jamuan. We were celebrating two celebrations in one day-second day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri and your aqiqah. You are such a little limelight to everyone. You really knew how to be a center of attraction. You just slept all day long but still people keep on giving you duit raya. Haha, nice act little miss!

Everyone was really enjoying this very day. And it shows in these photos! Thank you all! Enjoy!

Can you spot the goat? Guess, who was the goat bestfriend?

Three goat lover-Tok Ba, Pak Su Pa and Bapak


Three little angels coming down from the stairs - Iklil, Farhah and Yasmin

Where are you little limelight?

Really a big day!

Nek Ma busy giving door gift to guests

Ayah Wan went nuts to choose the perfect auntie for you.Help him.

Everyone went bananas, but you...

Why Mummy So Pissed Off

Oh, I miss this blog so much! It has been a dog’s age I didn’t write my mind out. I have two big reasons. First, I didn’t read a lot lately. The last book I have read was Tales from the Court and other stories by Matthew Thomas given by Bapak as a gift for me for delivering you. Okay let me be frank. I only read the foreword. How could Bapak give me that kind of book when I underwent a confinement? I was so confined. Urgh!

Second reason why I didn’t blog for ages is because I hate blogging without any photos attached. So why didn’t I snap lots of lovely you? Why oh why? It was because I have lost my Sony T9. Okay let me be frank again. My T9 has been stolen by penchuri laknat. It happened a week after Hari Raya. Yes, a week after Hari Raya Aidilfitri. It happened when I was totting you and we both went to sleep because we were so sleepy. No! Because all of us (Mummy, Tok Ba and you) have been hypnotized by that penchuri laknat! If not how could he simply entered Tok Ba’s house and rampok all those precious stuff? I have lost all of your precious snapshots too! And oh yeah, he stole my handphone too. Urgh!

All I can do is pray to God to make that penchuri laknat go straight to hell. Instead, Nek Ma asked me to pray for that particular P.L. to be a good man in future. Okay Nek Ma, I will listen to you as always. Oh please penchuri laknat go straight to hell.

And that were two big reasons why I didn’t blog for almost two months.

But don’t you worry my little miss! Because now….. I am back!!!