Monday, September 30, 2013

A Visit to the Nursery

We spent Hari Malaysia in a nursery full of beautiful blooming flowers. We were looking for new plants for our home. I have no idea that beautiful indoor plants cost me hundreds, (and they were only leaves!). I wish I had great green fingers so I could plant my own expensive indoor plants. Enjoy the moment.

Meet our new plants!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Water Rising Experiment

You need:
Clear vase
Food coloring
Adult supervision

1. Fill up a glass of water. Drop food coloring into the glass.

2. Stir the water.

3. Place the candle at the center of the plate.

4. Pour the water into the plate.

5. Light the candle.

6. Cover the candle with the vase. 

7. Observe what happen.


The candle flame heats the air in the vase. The hot air will expand. The bubble you see from the water is actually the expended hot air. When the flame goes out, the air in the vase cools down and the cooler air contracts. The cooling air inside of the vase creates a vacuum. The vacuum is created due to the low pressure inside the vase and the high pressure outside of the vase. So, the gases exerting pressure from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure. 

A common misconception about this experiment is that the consumption of the oxygen inside of the bottle is also a factor in the water rising. Truth is, there is a possibility that there would be a small rise in the water from the flame burning up oxygen, but it is extremely minor compared to the expansion and contraction of the gases within the bottle. Simply put, the water would rise at a steady rate if the oxygen being consumed were the main contributing factor.

Note: Thanks Sick Science for the explanation. You may retrieve clear video of the experiment here.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Read aloud: Mortimer's First Garden

"Brown, brown, brown." Winter was just over and everything was brown. Mortimer was in need of something green. He munched on the sunflower seeds and thinking how to turn the garden to green again. He overheard the story of how springtime rain and sunshine nurture little seeds to grow into big green plants. He however was skeptical about that but decided to plant the seed anyway. He waited and waited but there was no sign of anything green. But on one miraculous day, he saw a small green plant came out from the ground. He was so happy about that and he kept watering the plant. He can't believe his eyes when finally he had his own sunflower! He was so lucky he can collect hundreds of sunflower seeds to eat and he shared the seeds and happiness with a tiny spider. 

This is a good book to show the importance of patience and planting (hehe) and believing in miracle. It is a good book to show the goodness of sharing and giving too. I'll read this book again to them tonight.

You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I'm not hungry enough to eat six~Yogi Berra

Who said toddlers can't make crusty pizza? Well, at least my girls can do that. Uh well, with felt fabric. They had their fun pizza time with felt fabric and the knowledge on maths counting. So, I pretended to be their customer and they take my order using the printed order card. So let's check out their activity. (Note: I can't remember the source of the order card template. Credit to source.)

Order cards and pizza basic ingredients

They started to make the pizza.

Iris tried to make her pizza right.

Iesha was a bit practical. She arranged the ingredients into rows.

Pizza maker



And she did the pizza delivery!

Pizza anyone?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Iris loves cat so much!

She wants an American shorthair!

Meeting with Dentist

Iris and Iesha had their 6-months meet up with their dentist, Dr Mimi, last Friday (however she wasn't around, so they replaced with a younger dentist). In spite of not so good-looking teeth Iris has, she's still looking forward to give her teeth a good check up and drilling. She loves the idea that her teeth is being drilled to take out all the bad bacteria and cavities. On the other hand, Iesha required quite a painstaking effort to see the dentist, even though that was her third appointment. She can't bare with the sound of the drill, the blood spit out by Kak Iris and the uniform wore by the dentist and nurses.  However, she managed to get check up with the intention to take out the bacteria and "rumah kuman". The dentist praised Iesha's teeth in spite of two small holes which have been temporarily filled.  Thanks Dr, we'll see you again this January!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Witty Iesha

Me: Besar nanti Iesha fikir Iesha nak jadi apa?

Iesha: A-cha nak jual kek.

Me: Kalau ada orang miskin datang kedai Iesha, Iesha nak bagi tak sikit kek Iesha?

Iesha: Tak boleh. A-cha nak bagi duit, lepash tu orang mishkin tu boleh beli kek A-cha.

Me: Brilliant idea-lah, Iesha!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sorry, the cakes deserve a post! (a pose?)

I was in rush to get cakes for Iris for her 5th birthday. I just googled through some websites to get a princess cake (with affordable price yet with 'expensive' look). What's more, the cake can be COD in Paka since we were about to celebrate the party at Anya's house. Thanks to Dila! She baked beautiful cakes that suits my wallet. So I ordered two, one for Iris and one for Iesha since we didn't properly celebrated Iesha's birthday on the last 5th of May. They were thrilled (okay, I was.) The cakes deserved a post of course, so here they are, posing their best looks. 

She's five!

Happy birthday my dear Iris. 
You'd always be my baby princess.
I love you, I love you, I love you.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shaving Cream Cuppies

Last night, they had their sensory activity with shaving cream. It was after they begged me to think of fun activity to do and all I can think was shaving cream. I had no idea whatsoever at first but I just gave them food colorings, paint brush and muffin tin. I thought of fluffy paintings at first, but finally they had their creative minds worked out and made the cute cuppies which definitely were non edible. Let's check out their activities.