Wednesday, May 26, 2010

There's So Much To Do!

It takes a while to adjust to this new situation and to be honest I feel slightly panic as I realize that I have great responsibility for caring two daughters. It seems like a never-ending round of changing nappies and nursing with no time to rest! I guess I have to give space and time for my own self. I know that these first few weeks are important to breastfeed my baby, even though some people advise me to formula feed my baby, well it’s a big no-no, but thanks anyway for the thought of helping. Perhaps they saw me exhausted, yes I am, but I enjoy breastfeeding so very much!

I also have to take care of Iris’s feeling. I have to head off any feelings of jealousy between her and Iesha. I guess it is hard for her to adjust to this new situation. The first week was so hard for both of us. She tried to get away from me; she spent most of her time with Bapak, Anya, Wawan, Tok Ba and Nek Ma. She only came for breastfeeding. Yet, at the very moment, I get to know my newborn Iesha. It was hard I tell you, and then I know how important the role of “The Spouse”. He did most of the things in his paternity leave, from changing diapers, cooking meals for me, bathing Iris and Iesha, go shopping, and giving some extra support and company. I wished him Happy Mother’s Day on May 9th, because he is. Yet the most important thing “The Spouse” can do for you are listening to your heart, not only listening but contemplating each word we said.

I am grateful as well since Tok Ba and Nek Ma and Anya help me a lot. It is good when people I trust give some extra attention to Iris in these few weeks, so that I have time to discover my new divine baby Iesha. Oh my, there’s so much to do! There are so many things in my “To-Do” list; blogging about Iesha early weeks, making Tutu dress for Iris, e-shopping for Iesha’s aqiqah dress, compiling Iris’s photos, bla bla bla…

Miriam Stoppard tips help me in some way.

1. Sleep when your baby sleeps.
2. Don’t believe people who say their baby sleeps through the night already.
3. Accept whatever help you are offered.
4. Focus on your baby.

And “The Spouse” magical words – “You are a supermom, She”. I think that’s enough for me.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Iris and Tinkerbell

Mummy is no longer your BFF right, Ris? You only bestfriend me when you want the milk from my Dada Pujaan. And this morning, God has listened to your prayer to have a new BFF when Tinkerbell came from nowhere and you played with him and shared the kopok. Iris, we are still BFF, aren't we?

"Meet my new BFF"

"I'd share everything with you"

"I don't friend with Mummy anymore"

"Do you have Dada Pujaan, Tinkerbell?"

"Eat, Tinky"

"Eat so that you'll have Dada Pujaan like my last BFF"

Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Happy News!

Bapak passed his first year examination! Congratulations Bapak! Let's celebrate!

P/S: Di sebalik kejayaan seorang lelaki ada wanita di belakangnya. Buy me roses.

It's All About You!

See the fake eyebrows drawn by whoelse? The forever mak andam-cum-Nek Ma. (Tenth day)

Your due date was
20th May 2010

The day of the week and the time you were born
5th May 2010 at 2.45PM. Mummy always loves Math and thank God you were too! 5+5=10!

The place you were born
Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia

Your weight
3.2 kg

Your hair and eye color
Black & black

The people that were there
Dr Iliyana
Dr Very Very Handsome (I like handsome doctor)
Couple of nurses (I can’t count, I was half paralyzed!)

Meet Baby Number Two!

My name is Iesha Aafreen. (First hour)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010