Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm hurt, Mummy.

Yesterday Anya and I went to pasar malam. And to our surprise, we saw this Chinese uncle sell lovely colorful Luna fish. But there were more than 36 Luna colors. And guess what, we chose Electric Blue for you! Yay! And double yay when it cost us just RM3! Let the pictures do the talking.

I'm a celebrity! Get me out of here!

Iris, Mummy bought you a fish. Now go play with him.
Mummy, can I call him Blooey?

Omigosh! I forgot, it's my dinner time!

Mummy, I want to eat Blooey. I'm hungry.

Mummy please. Open this bekas cendol for me.

This is art! I should put it in!

Okay Mummy, I behave. I will not eat this Blooey.

Good girl, if you behave, Mummy'll buy you Funky Fuschia fish next week.

Mummy, your problem is not my problem. You sick missing Bapak, but don't take this Blooey from me!

Mummy, you sick!

I'll get you, Blooey. Don't worry.

You cut me bleeding, Mummy.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Guilt leads to good.

Mummy, I feel bad after what we did to Bapak. See I'm crying, but I won't let people see my tears..

Iris, Mummy feel bad.

Why Mummy?

I just called Nek Ma and she said Bapak is sick. He slept all day long and did not eat well. He got running nose.

Like you Mummy?


Great lovers do get sick at the same time, eh Mummy?

Ye, sayang.

So the black attendant man at the pump station is your lover, Mummy?

Er, no Ris.

Have you called Bapak, Mummy? Poor him, we have been so rude to Bapak lately.

I think so, Ris. Mungkin aku pernah merasakan rindu...

Yes Mummy, tapi tak pernah sedalam ini. Right Mummy?

Ye, sayang. Let's call Bapak and say how much we miss him.

Bapak, we miss you and get well soon!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mummy, let us hurt Bapak!

Mummy, don't be sad. I heard you sang In My Place by Coldplay over and over again today. I heard it yesterday too, and the day before yesterday. You sang your heart out when it comes to this line 'Come back and hug me'. Mummy, let me hug you! I know you are very very sad because you miss Bapak a lot. Let us sing together, as for now I can remember every line of that sad clinical depressed lyrics.

Singing, ooh, ohh,
Please, please, please,
Come back and sing to me, me, me,
Come on and sing it out now, now,
Come and sing it out to me, yeah
In my place, in my place,
Were lines that I couldn’t change?
I was lost oh yeah,
Oh yeah!

You know that your sweet darling will not be In Your or My Place anywhere soon. Just admit it Mummy, you already made a pact with Bapak over 5 storey’s bungalow in the next 10 years, so be patient my dear Mummy. Now let us eat out, I don’t feel like eating alphabet pasta and rice porridge tonight, I feel like hanging out and drink strawberry milk shake! Let us paint Kuantan town red Mummy yeah! Let us pray that Bapak will have time to visit Mummy's blog and I'm definitely sure he will be very jealous seeing our happy moments together. Let forget Bapak and let our new hair down!

Mummy, don't snap when I am not smiling, remember, our mission is to get Bapak get really hurts!

Bapak, Mummy wish you were a painter and forget that 5 storey's bungalow.

It's yummy I swear!

Mummy, forget the mission, give me that shake!

Bapak, did you hurt?

Mummy brought me to the bookstore.

Mummy, I'm sure Bapak will sing In My Place too.

Bapak, I'm sorry to be rude to you. But Mummy said it is okay to hurt people we love. Did you hurt Bapak? If yes, please call Mummy. If no, please call Mummy.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

For you are my Iris.

You are my painting.

You are my sweetheart.

You are my darling.

You are my strength.

You are my half.

You are my sun, my star.

You are my world.

You are my book.

You are my everything. Everything.

(Thank you When Mummy sad and miss Bapak a lot, Mummy will do only two things, browsing through and shop for stationeries. Mummy just fancied my eyes of Iris flowers in

New Haircut

Iris had a haircut by Tok Ba this morning.

Iris had her first compliment by Nek Ma on her new hair style 'Macam cina Nek Ma tengok.'

Iris wishes Bapak will cut her hair, but he scared he will hurt you. He does not scare of blue corpse, but he scares of blood on your forehead.

Bapak works today, so Bapak will see Iris's new hair in another two weeks.

See you, Bapak!

Friday, July 17, 2009

The future depends upon what we do in the present-Mahatma Gandhi.

Nelson Mandela once said, education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Forget him. Congrats Anya on your graduation day! You've made it, see I told you, just believe in yourself, you'll conquer the world (I ever said that eh?). You made Ba and Mama so proud of you. And that's how to be a good daughter. Here are some of snapshots on Anya's graduation day, 15th July 2009.

Congrats Anya, cantik kasut.

Anya, you look gojes that day!

Congrats Anya, cantik kasut, kirim salam ye.

Genius baby found. Graduated at 10 months.

Pretty, pretty, pretty, fatter.

Oh akhirnya I pakai baju jugak. I don't like hot days.

Congratulations Anya (caption doesn't fit the photo, letak sebab rasa diri jelita)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Call me a good mother. Thank you.


5:00am – Wake up and sahur.

5:30am – Cook alphabet pasta and porridge for Iris.

6:00am – Express my breastmilk.

6:30am – Breastfeed Iris.

8:00am – Wash up and ready to office. (Weh, jam 6 hingga 8 pagi you buat apa? –breastfeed Iris sambil pejam mata)

8:30am – Pack Iris with pasta + porridge + 3 bottles of my milk.

9:00am – Send Iris to sitter. She started to cry when I handed her to her sitter. This started a week ago. So I have to spend a while with her while distract her attention to bird watching, ‘See Iris, bird bird, cip, cip, cip’ (that’s how bird sounds). Then her sitter will take her and bring her in her house and I can hear Iris screaming and that would make my heart melts. Hancur luluh hatiku seperti ingin berhenti kerja dan goyang kaki dan memiliki rumah secantik rumah Manjalara.

3:00pm – Express my milk.

5:00pm – Express my milk.

5:30pm – Kidnap Iris from the sitter. Yay! We are happy snails then.

7:00pm – Feed Iris and distract her with my laptop, I nak enjoy buka puasa okay.

7:30pm – Read Quran together with Iris on my lap. But this won’t take long as she would tear up the pages. Forgive me Allah.

8-10pm – Play, play and play with Iris.

10:15pm – Change her diapers and brush her teeth and hug hug kiss kiss each other, and sleep.

12:00am – Breastfeeding.

2:00am – Breastfeeding.

4:00am – Breastfeeding.

4:30am – Dreaming. It’s either berlari-lari anak menuruni bukit bergolek-golek dengan Firdausku sorang or RIP MJ. (Weh serious, last two nights I dreamt of MJ jadi teacher I pakai jeket manik merah dia sambil cakap kat I ‘ Awak tak boleh makan dalam kelas selagi belum waktu rehat’. MJ cakap Melayu, woh! I miss you MJ).


10:00am – Wake up together with Iris. (Weh, Subuh? Subuh?)

10-12pm – Lying in front of the telly and play with Iris. When she gets hungry, I use my trick. ‘Cepat Iris, dapatkan segera sementara stok masih ada!’ And she would crawl like a soldier to my breats. Cool, my trick works.

12:30pm – Wash up Iris.

3:00pm – Off to any malls. Jalan-jalan cari makan.

6:00pm – Back home and wash up Iris.

8:00pm – Cook. No, just add warm water with Nestum. Feed Iris.

8-10:00pm – Play, play and play!

10:15pm – Change her diapers and brush her teeth and hug hug kiss kiss each other, and sleep.

12:00am – Breastfeeding.

2:00am – Breastfeeding.

4:00am – Breastfeeding.

Call me a good mother. Thank you. I do take pride.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Aku Lemas dalam Cintamu

I texted Bapak this morning.

Abang, boleh tak She tinggalkan Iris unattended for a while dlm tub dia? Iris suka sgt main air skrg. Dia ngamok if I take her out. Boleh tak?

He answered.

Tak. Bahaya. Boleh drown.

Oh my God, Iris drowned would be the last thing I would ever imagine. And for that, I promise to myself to always keep the bathroom’s door locked. Iris’s face, blue. My, that is super scary. I should have not thought of that thought. But what if? I do not know how to do CPR. But I am a good baby’s food chef. What CPR and cooking have in common? (Mentang-mentang I dah pandai masak alphabet pasta and bubur nasi yang sedap untuk Iris!)

Okay Iris, I will never leave you alone with rubber ducky in a tub. And I will learn CPR from Bapak when he’s around. (Um, that sounds great! I’d love to be the drowned beautiful sexy woman, oh Dr Firdaus, help me, I’m drowned, aku lemas dalam cintamu!)

Oh please, I guess I better stop writing now.