Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

Forget your Favorites

Lullabying three of my daughters is a must do every night. Getting tired of the same nursery rhymes, I started refreshing my old times with my favorite rock song.

"Keunggulan cintaaaa dari sinar mataaaa yang bergeloraaaaa!!!" I was singing my heart out (man I have to admit that) when Iesha turned back my reality "Mummy kan, kannnn!!!" ('Kan' means 'Bukan')

"Rock-a-by baby, on a tree top,
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock,
When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall,
And down will fall baby, cradle and all."

Good night everyone :)

Surviving Motherhood Tip #1

Calling them by their good names. Preferably their names and/or full names instead of nicknames. It's lovelier if you have that nice endearment terms before their names like "Mana dia anak kesayanganku Iris Adeena?" (This is the practice of my husband which I rarely did. Guess I need to start doing it frequently.)

It is advisable and fun if you can call their names by the meanings that they understand, for example:

Iris Adeena~Bunga Agamaku
Iesha Aafreen~Wanita Berani
Iyra Alveena~Kawan Sejatiku yang Dihormati

Try out today, you could feel the difference!

Surviving Motherhood

Looking back, I have started blogging in 2008; 4 years full of my motherhood journey. I guess I have quite some things to share with the moms out there. Some thing that might be useful, some might not for motherhood survival. An 'expert' might not best fit me, but four years of experiences in motherhood with three little children, I'd like to share simple and practical advices so that all of us can feel in the know and in control.

I am not a perfect parent, neither my children. But with these simple tips to share, we know that we aren't alone. People say that motherhood is a lonely journey, I think it is not. I have you, you and you; all mothers out there!

And while I'd like to tell you I have covered and done all of the tips, I haven't. But who doesn't want to be a good mother? Let us try!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yes, please.

Iyra Alveena's Aqiqah

Iyra's aqiqah was held on the 3rd of February 2012; almost 3 months of her age. We did it together with Ayah Wan's first daughter; baby Benth Imaany Zharrith. With three years in a row of the eventful events, I was bombarded with a typical-cynical-blessed questions by many.

"Ye ke aqiqah anak Kakak? Bukan ke tahun lepas dah aqiqah?"
"Ye ke aqiqah anak Kakak? Anak yang mana pulak ni?"
"Ye ke aqiqah anak Kakak? Berapa orang dah anak dia?"
"Ye ke aqiqah anak Kakak? Macam anak tangga kan anak-anak Kakak."

Honestly, I love that kind of questions, they really made my day. I feel blessed and proud to show them my stair steps! So enjoy the moments!

Photoshoot is not easy.

I started respecting family potraiture photographer.

Iesha tried out making peace sign.

Baby Iyra's black guardians.

What's on your mind, girls?

The goat is black, so my dress.

Train Trip

We have travelled by car (mostly) and few times by airplanes, but I'd rather say by train is the best! We went back to Kelantan last week for Iyra's aqiqah by Senandung Wau. It took us almost 12 hours to reach Wakaf Bharu and we found some we love it/ hate it things happening.

What We Love
~On a budget-it is only RM200 for an air-conditioned coach; complete with a bunk bed, a sink and a chair.
~Everyone have their freedom. Mummy can sleep, Bapak can eat, Iris can read, Iesha can jump-run-hop-eat-scream-jump-hop-eat-play with water-jump-scream-cry-eat-eat-sleep, and baby Iyra can be breastfed comfortably.
~Bapak and Mummy wouldn't argue over where to stop to change diapers, where to eat, where to pray, what to do when everyone wanted to have their own lullaby all at once. And that's why travelling by car surely emotionally and physically tiring, but not by train!
~We all can have our 12 hours beauty sleep all at once. Yes, we still need to share bed.

What We Hate
~A 12 hours journey with a bladder always full. Well, if only I didn't have to go to the toilet.
~Repeated questions by Iris that drove me crazy "Mummy kenapa hutan aje?"
~Train-lag: I have vomited 2 times, I wonder how the girls can stand the sway.

With a family of five, travelling by train is the best. We can't wait to visit Tok Kedah with Senandung Mutiara. With Senandung Mutiara, it's a dream come true-a toilet attached to the coach!

Our coach

Celebrating Chinese New Year

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