Monday, July 7, 2014

Word Sorting Activity

S-A sa, Y-A ya, saya. Forget that. Now everything is phonic. Phonological awareness is what a preschooler needs. In order to test phonic ability in Iris, I came across with this fun interactive activity. (Refer here for instruction). I chose easy word groups for Iris and she happily sorted it whilst sounding the words. I think I want to try this with Iyra and Iesha with picture groups instead of rhyming words. Enjoy!

Materials needed.

Iris sounded then sorted the words.

Iyra joined too. She passed the small flags to Iris.

Iris did it within 2 minutes. (Note: We may need to check the level of phonic proficiency of the children before the activity). 

Iris got one incorrect answer.

Then Iris worked on the phonics worksheet.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Read aloud: My Tawheed Book

I have listed few books to read during this holy month of Ramadhan with my girls. I read this book to them on the second day of Ramadhan. This book lays simple basic understanding of Tawheed. Tawheed is the importance of the correct belief with certainty in the Oneness of Allah. It is important to teach our children with the correct belief so that all of our actions will benefit us here in this life and in the hereafter. I didn't discuss everything of the book content, as I believe it is quite complicated for Iesha and Iyra to comprehend (or perhaps I didn't know how to simplify it). But trust me, the whole discussion about Allah with small kids is such joyful and lively moment. You will be surprise with the questions they might asked you. And of course you need to be ready with the answers, but if you don't, just admit and try searching the answers together. 

We purchased the book here.

For this verse, I explained that no matter how far we are, Allah can still hear and see us, and that distance doesn't affect it. He can hear what we said in our heads/hearts. He knows whether we have bad/ good thoughts. Iesha then whispered something and asked me whether Allah heard it. I said of course He did. Allah also heard the sound of the wind, the sound of the Pluto (this is Iris recent favourite YouTube video: listening to the sounds of the planets) and the sound of the worm crawling deep inside the soil.  They were so amazed with Allah's abilities, and so did I.

I read this verse and asked them the same question, "Who makes the heaven and the Earth?". And they replied in union, "Allah!". Then we discussed what are things Allah made, and what are the things human made. Iesha said firmly, "Manusia buat kereta, tapi Allah yang bagi idea." But with Iris, I need extra effort to answer. "Mummy, Allah kan pemberi rezeki. Dia buat fruits and vegetables. So manusia juga pemberi rezeki sebab manusia bake cakes, cookies. Mummy masak nasi. So manusia pemberi rezeki juga-lah?" 

We discussed about heaven for this verse. I simply explained that whoever did good deeds will enters heaven, but whom who didn't will enter a very hot hell. But how much wrongdoings we did, if we ask for Allah's forgiveness, He will forgive us. Oh Allah, You are so kind to us. Thank you Allah!

Thank You Allah for Everything!

Allah has given us so many things. And He keeps giving us. In order to thank Allah for all the things He gives us, we have decorated His name with beads and glitter dust. We really hope Allah will like this. While decorating, we talked about Allah and we zikir (repeatedly reciting Allah's name) too. We really had so much fun remembering You, Allah! We hope You remember us too!

Get the coloring template here.

Allah is Great!

Thank you Allah for the idea!

We hope you like bead and glitter dust!




Thank you Allah for,
giving me rezeki,
beautiful eyes,
making me a gorgeous girl,
giving me Mummy and Bapak. 
(Allah, please don't give me Bapak and Mummy die).

Thank you Allah for,
beautiful clouds,
flying birds,
and flying kites,
yummy food,
my books,
planet Earth,
colorful Saturn.

Thank you Allah for,
very beautiful animals,
cute cats,
adorable kittens.

I see dolphin makes bubbles,
and also volcano bubbles.
I want to go to the Pink Lake in Australia.
O Allah, please make me go there now.

I love you Allah.

(I asked Iris what are the things she thanks Allah for, and so she made this beautiful list).

Friday, July 4, 2014

Magic Painting

This is painting and reading activity combined. We had to paint to get the words appeared on the paper. This activity got instant hit from the girls. You only need to gather simple materials such as white cardstock, white wax crayon, water color and paintbrush. First, write out the words on the cardstock. It is preferrable if you write out the words they just learnt. I wrote words from 'My Green Day' and these words were for Iris. I jot down simple words for Iesha because she now mastered 'Bacalah Anakku' book 3, whilst for Iyra I just drew her a flower. Let see how they did it.

What we need

They started painting.

Iris was truly amazed with this activity.

Iyra enjoyed it too!

Iesha tried sounding the word out.

Iris learnt few new words.

Iesha wanted more.

Iyra was happy with the hidden flower.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Read aloud: My Green Day

Save the Earth!

This is the right book at the right time. With the El Nino strikes it's power, we do really feel better with this book. We need ideas on how to save our planet Earth, and this book comes to rescue. The book is about activities that can be done by a preschooler to help make the Earth a better planet to stay. Here are some of the green activities suggested by Walsh:

  1. Making presents/ festive cards from scraps and cut-off papers. Recycle, recycle, recycle.
  2. Finish up the meals.  Walsh stated a fact that we normally throw out one third of our meal.  "If we bought only the food we actually needed to eat, we wouldn't have to grow or transport so much food, which saves lots of energy."
  3. Shorten your shower time to only 3 to 4 minutes. Save our water.
  4. Use nature to play. Products of Earth are so much fun to play with! Play hide and seek in the trees. Playing outside sounds so much fun than well..gadgets.

Walsh sounds practical, especially to kids. It's not about 'you need to crush then recycle your soda cans' kind of thing. It's about fun options to simply have a 'green day'! 

Later on, Iris drew this lovely Earth bigger than the Sun. And I spotted Brazil. 

Iesha has this kind of funny thought. She drew Mummy Earth and Baby Earth. And the Mummy Earth showers her baby with snow, "Kesian Baby Earth panas."

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Welcome ya Ramadhan 2014!

Iris on 'Where is Allah?'

Iris showed me her new drawing. I was baffled with the word Allah all over her drawing and asked her why. She gave me a brainy question instead, "We can see all things Allah created, but why we can't see Allah (the Creator)?".  I was in awe as I too was struggling with that question in my whole life.  It now seems so clear to me that every one of us is so keen to really 'see' Allah, despite our age. I tried to skip the question at first, but I answered her anyway, "Allah wants to make huge surprise in Syurga. Once we entered it, tadaa!! Allah is there for you to hug." I can't think of any better answer, but she hopped in joy with such comforting promise. Insya Allah.

Ahlan ya wasahlan ya Ramadhan. I hope Allah will guide us to perform our best in this holy month!