Monday, November 23, 2015

Frozen Hand

That hit my wit's end, yes, that Frozen song. I bet every mother in the world could simply sing "Let it go, let it go! I am one with the wind and sky!" effortlessly (complete with hand waving in the air and foot stomping on the floor). I feel you. 

Inspired by this Disney movie, we made our frozen hand. Of course we want to be cool like Elsa. So let's see how we made it.

We used: latex gloves, blue food coloring, Lego mini-figures and water.

1. Put a few drops of blue food coloring into a jug of water.

2. Put in Lego mini-figures into the gloves.

3. Pour some water into the gloves. 

4. Tie them.

5. Write down the names on each hand.

6. Place them in the freezer overnight.

7. Once froze, it's time to play!

8. Remove the gloves from the hands. 

Most of our frozen hands lost their fingers. Tips: Run the gloved hand under a streaming water, and slide the glove off very gently. But not too much water as it may melt the whole finger. 

9. Pour some salt onto the frozen hands. See them melting!

Iesha was so excited once she saw her Lego head. 

She seems happy. 

The cold never bothered me anyway!