Friday, October 31, 2008

Sleeping Beauties

While pregnant, I had the hardest time sleeping. I’d wallow around in bed forever just to finally get up, in frustration, and go read or watch 714. I’d often go to bed around 1AM.

No, I’m in bed at 10PM. Then I’m up at midnight. Then asleep at 1AM. Then up at 3, then sleep at 4ish. Then awakened on and off around 7AM. Ok, I’ll get up already! (Ye-lah tu).

Now, I live for naps.

And funny enough, I sleep the best when I’m sleeping with you at my side. Or on top of me. If the position is not to your liking, you kick and scoot until you like it. Then you fall asleep. Then I fall asleep.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Iris And G.G.

You are so lucky to have met your great-grandmother, Che (that’s what I grew up calling her). Everybody calls her by that name; from her own son, your Tok Ba, to her neighbors. So I think it’s time for you to call her G.G. – an ellipsis of Great-Grandmother. She is such a strong and wonderful woman and I think it’s so special to have four generations together and able to enjoy each other. G.G met you for the first time when we arrived at Kok Lanas. She was so excited to see you. She really came alive! She can’t stop smiling and reached out to hold you. She would have played with you for hours if I’d let her. She told people to hold you gently. She hugged you close to her heart. She kept on showing you off to others. She really was beaming with pride. And you are pretty interested with G.G. when you first met for the first time. You were an absolute doll. You kept on touching her face while G.G. smothered you in kisses. It was really sweet.

Iris and G.G.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Great Mother Or Total Sucker?

Heck. I don’t know…

I just can’t stand to hear you scream, which you do a lot.
A LOT. You love to be held.
It sure makes getting things done difficult.
On the upside I’m going to have super buff arms soon.
Some days I have to tote you around for hours.
I know you’ll grow out of this phase soon enough.
Right? RIGHT?

Gorgeous Godmothers

You should thank God for having such self-claimed gorgeous godmothers. And they are Anya, Anyon and Antiq. They are far better than me when handling and totting and rocking you even though they haven’t their own babies yet. They really took care of you while I was doing another important thing – sleeping. And they have special mission on Hari Raya which was asking people to hold you gently. And when there were kids who were so geram to touch you, the three self-claimed gorgeous godmothers will control them. I couldn’t do that afraid that people will see me as not so phat mother, so I left the mission to them, and they did that pretty well.

We even had girls’ sleepover with Anya and Anyon. And I remembered one night when you cried for milk, we heard a spooky sound outside the house. Anyon said she heard someone was walking suspiciously and she was sure that was a burglar. We were so petrified to get out from the room and told Nek Ma and Tok Ba, so we kept quiet. The only person who wasn’t care and kept on screaming was you! The three of us kept blinking in the dark and prayed so hard wishing that the sunshine rises earlier than before. Even though I was the eldest and worst I am now a mummy, still I can’t get rid of fear of housebreak. And the morning came and we told Nek Ma and Tok Ba what had happened last night and they have checked it out and they founded that was actually the goat for your aqiqah which his feet has been tangled by the rope. And he was struggled last night and we misconstrued it for a burglar. Oh what a thought! Shame on us.

That was one of memorable memories with your godmothers. You actually are having many more self-claimed gorgeous godmothers; Anasha, Anmama, Anmimi, Antiah, Anlia and more Ans. And they are all self-claimed gorgeous godmothers…

Anyon, Anya, Antiq (aren't they gorgeous?)

Our Adventure

We’ve never been through this before, and it is definitely a challenge. Figuring out sleeping patterns, allergies, food preferences. I even did not eat or come close to budu my favorite sauce, afraid that our baby might have stomach ache. You would think that these little things would come with a “How To” Manual, but instead we are left on our own to figure it all out. You always ask me to give our baby my best milk, although she just wants a hug. We make mistakes, we keep trying. It’s what parenting is all about. But another thing that I adore you is that you are so confident, and I hope I have that confidence too. Yeah, I know it grows within time. You are comfortable holding Iris and rocking her to sleep. You are more than willing to give her a bottle or change her diaper. I so appreciate the father you are to Iris. We are all blessed. You make us laugh, you keep us calm, and you relax us. I think you are an amazing father and there isn’t another person that I would want on this adventure called “Parenting.” I just want you.

I just want you. Yes, you.

One Month

You are a month old already and the time has just flown by. You’ve already changed a lot in these few weeks. You slept almost all day when we first brought you home, but you are staying awake more and more now. You are very alert and turn your head to see bright lights and you love to have people talk to you. Thanks to Tok Ba who is your number one fan and of course his favorite line is “Tok Ba tengok Iris ni ome ome ome ni”, and Bapak of course your true friend and his favorite line would be “Ini Bapak” and he would repeat it hundred times . And you yawn a lot and I think these few pictures are proofs that you are a true yawner but quite the charmer. You are such a little sweetheart and we love you so much!





Monday, October 27, 2008

Your First Hari Raya

This year’s Hari Raya was the best Hari Raya to all of us. Having you has made everybody’s Hari Raya was merrier than before. We celebrated at Tok Ba and Nek Ma’s house since I was still in confinement. Like the previous Hari Raya, all of my aunties and uncles from Paka and KL and Kok Lanas gathered at your grandparent’s home sweet home.

Never did I fail to have myself a new pair of baju raya. But this year, with a big change of my vital stats, I only wore last year’s baju raya. Thank God I still can wear that brown baju kurung Pahang. But then I avenged by making you your first baju raya. Okay let me be true, Nek Sue sewed you that beautiful dress, but hey, I did paste the flowers, okay. I even matched it with an adorable head wreath. I really had a little fun with your outfit project. You still look absolutely adorable despite the wreath. And here is the story of your first Hari Raya.

So cantik!

The day started with the morning breakfast from my naturally sterilized milk. Then you have your bath given by Nek Ma and Anya and I tried to dress you up with your gorgeous Hari Raya off white gown, but you refused. Seriously I didn’t have any Plan B because I didn’t buy you any girl’s Hari Raya’s dress, so you ended up wearing that boyish Timberland’s outfit. Poor Iris. But Anya and I still tried so hard to make you look like our Iris to our very irises, so then we put on the head wreath on your little head. And as you can see in this picture you couldn’t wait to get it off your bald, little head!

Put it off my head!!!
Everybody’s favorite activity on Hari Raya is definitely the photography session. But to my disappointment, Bapak wasn’t in this year’s Hari Raya photos since he was scheduled on-call on Hari Raya’s eve and arrived at Tok Ba and Nek Ma’s house at lunch hour, so we can still have photo together. So here are the 2008 Hari Raya’s photos.

Happy Raya!

Am I beautiful?

Bapak, Mummy and Iris


I am proud to say that this year’s Hari Raya is unquestionably everybody’s favorite since they have a new face in their photos, and it is definitely you!

Cozy Confinement

I just love being in confinement. Everyone treated me like I am a princess. I never thought there are so much loves around me until I was in confinement. They showered me with ultimate love from the first day I labored you.

I remembered how Nek Ma and Tok Kedah served me the food on the first day we were brought home. They even prepared me the water for me to bathe. Tok Kedah even brought two big plastic bags full of various leaves from Kedah to make sure I smelled good. I love the aroma of daun serai. While Nek Ma cooked me plain nasi and ikan bakar, Tok Kedah prepared the fragrant leaves for me to freshen up. And after that Bapak helped me to bathe. He did everything; from melulur to put on me the corset. I just love the treatment.

Bapak also cooked me special dishes when I underwent my confinement in Kok Lanas. He cooked me cabbage soup and that delicious ikan masak halia and daging goreng. And he would put mountain of nasi for me to eat. I wish I would be in confinement for three years until I get another baby and the confinement would never end.

My Oliver Twist


The only thing I hate about confinement was I can’t simply eat anything, especially when Nek Ma was around. I can’t resist the temptation of onde-onde, taik itik, bunga tanjung; all of the sweetmeats they had for breakfast. Unfortunately I was confined in Ramadhan. There were so many delicious dishes. But when Nek Ma and Tok Ba weren’t around, the fridge was all mine.

And I also hate when they asked me to walk slowly afraid that I would have re-sutured. How on earth could I walk slowly when I can even dance? (Oh, please stop being arrogant). I also didn’t like when Nek Ma forbade me from having a night bathe. She said I would have sakit urat in future. I told her not to worry since I will sign up for Marie Claire after this. (Oh again, please stop being arrogant). I always protest Nek Ma and sometimes we had small fight. Umm, I think I should rephrase it as a ‘words war’ rather than a small fight. But Nek Ma was really a warrior, I never won any.

I love the confinement. I am loved and cared and surrounded by the people I love. Everyone did all my daily chores and all I have to do is rest and rest and rest. But after all, I think two months confinement is enough since I don’t want to end up being like Paris Hilton; a true butterfinger and a b***o.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Complete Happiness


How can such a simple photo elicit such complex emotions? This image of your tiny feet cradled in your Bapak’s hand illustrates so many of the emotions I was feeling the day you were born – the innocence and overwhelming responsibility of a helpless newborn, the immense and unconditional love of a mother, the security surrounding you as you join this family, the possibilities awaiting you as you make your way in this world, and, finally, the incredible joy and happiness. I knew that you, baby girl, would complete our family.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Naming Us Is Not Easy Either!

Do you know the fact that you are the number one for everyone in our family? You are the first granddaughter to my parents; you are the first niece to my brothers and sister; you are the first cucu saudara to all my uncles and aunties; and of course you are our very first baby to Bapak and me. And that creates one little problem for all of us, the naming game is of course not as easy as an ABC.

Bapak and I had a little problem of naming ourselves. Bapak had a problem to choose Bapak, Daddy, Ayah or either Papa. But finally he chose Bapak for you to address him soon. As for me, I don’t really have problem of choosing my name since I will definitely address myself as Che because I found it is quite unique in this “Momma’s Era”. But of course your Bapak didn’t allow me since it sounds too Kok Lanas. So I leave it to him to find me the name and finally he chose Mummy. I think it is very important for you to have a balance ideology once you grew up, which mixes the kampong and modern ideology.

Naming game also gives my parents a headache, especially to your grandmother. She found herself cute in ‘Nek Ma’ so I just agreed it. And she has named your grandfather Tok Ba to suit hers. Prior to that, all of your nenek saudara have put ‘Nek’ in front of their names. So now you have Nek Mi, two Nek Sue, Nek Ngah, Nek Id and Nek Chik. And ‘Tok’ for datuk saudara. And you have your own Tok Za, Tok D, two Tok Sue, Tok Ngah and Tok Lik. Oh what a name!

And now the problem goes to my brothers and sister. My sister, your only auntie has made up with a great idea which she combined the word Auntie and her name; and it becomes Anya – the combination of Auntie and Nadia. But for your two uncles, they still didn’t make up with any names so we decided to name them Tok Wan and Pak Su Pa (oh, I can’t stop laughing seriously).

Since your Anya has made up with a unique name, so did all of my cousins. They named them as Antiq, Anyon, Anlia, Anyong, Antiah, Ansasha, Anma, Anmimi, Anaina, Anfifi and the list goes on… For my cousins under age 10, I leave it to them to name themselves once they grew up and know the meaning of family tree. And they are Izyan Farhah (10), Mariam Yasmin (7), Iklil Silmi (8), Farah Amina (8), Izkhan Maula (7), and Aliff Haikal (10).

Thank God you are number eight in Bapak’s family. So that Pak Long Din, Pak Ngah Min, Mak Njang Dad and Mak Lang Anis and also your only Tok Kedah didn’t have any problem playing this naming game.

The naming game is already over, and now everybody is waiting for our little Iris to speak out our names out loud!

Naming You Is Not Easy

“Cadangan nama baby: Danisha Iris. Boleh x? Ke terlebih mat saleh?” That was the sms I received from your grandmother, Nek Ma on September 4th 2008 at 19:52:05. That was when she knew that you are a girl. Her other favorite names are Dasmeen and Zara and Kaisara. Previously when everybody thought you are a boy, she would love to name you Edrousse Dinzly, a name after a not so popular Malaysian actor. Nek Ma really did her research on your names.

Also did Tok Ba. His favorite name is Ibnu Jaabar, which I am quite terrified with that beautiful Islamic name if people see me in skinny jeans while asking me your name. Balqis and Izati are his girls’ favorite names. Tok Ba also did his research on your names. He even bought us the book of naming a baby – ‘1000 Nama-nama Islam’. See dear baby, you really have a very charming gainsay grandparents.

Everybody tried to give you the best names. Tok Kedah suggested giving the front name Nurul if you are a girl and Firdaus if you are a boy. Nek Umi would love to name you Miftah. Tok Ayah Za recommended giving three words names since one and two words names are quite ordinary these days. Pak Su Faiz would love to name you Ania Anisha. Everybody was so excited naming you and hey, do say thanks to them!

What about Mummy and Bapak? We really didn’t know where to start to. I thought naming you is just a piece of cake. So, as a good parent to be, Mummy and Bapak decided to prepare both boys and girls’ names. I prepared for girl’s names and Bapak prepared for boy’s names. I didn’t know where it came from, but I just love the name Nona and I stick to it. Just a plain Nona. Bapak didn’t fully agree since he said that we have to name our baby boy Mas if we have a boy in future. (Oh, what a thought…) On the other side, Bapak stick to Waqas. And of course I didn’t agree since you have that very Kelantanese blood half running in you. I’m afraid that the elocution is not Waqas anymore but more to Wakah. Oh no no no! (Bapak would definitely say ‘Oh what a thought’ if he ever read this entry).

So where does Iris Adeena come from? Honestly speaking, I don’t really remember the exact day, but it comes across to me it was on my early pregnancy, maybe in my two or three months. The name was actually come out to my mind way long before Nona. Mummy and Bapak were in the kitchen preparing our dinner. I remembered Bapak was cooking us a dinner while I was washing the dishes. Then it just popped out to my mind and I said to Bapak “Kalau girl, kita letak nama Iris Adeena nak? Maksudnya bunga agama kami. Sebab tadi She surf internet Adeena maksud agama kami. Tapi She suggest je.” Bapak looked agreed, but the conversation ended there.

The naming game stopped there until you came out to this world. We were still in puzzle to give you a good name. But Bapak still remember that Iris Adeena and after a week discussion, we both agreed with the name. Still Bapak did his research by googling the meaning of Iris of various languages. And here are the meanings; Arabic: flower, English: pupil, Hebrew: wealthy friends; Greek: rainbow. I just love the meaning in Greek, the rainbow. You are definitely our rainbow!

And on the 11th day of your arrival, Bapak legally registered your name with Jabatan Pendaftar and now you have your own identification card. Let Mummy keep that for you until you have your own purse. Our dear baby is our flower, our pupil, our friend and our rainbow forever and ever! And oh, I would love to end this entry by showing the world the most amazing photo on earth. It is your photo in Tok Ba and Nek Ma’s living room where you were sleeping and there was a rainbow appeared on the floor because of the reflection of the sun light and Nek Ma’s crystal. Enjoy world!

Our rainbow!

Your First Night At Home

Where you slept
On Mummy and Bapak’s bed

When you went to sleep
At night: 8.00pm

When you woke up
At night: 12.00am, 2.00am, 3.00am, 4.00am, 5.00am… I really do need extra space

When you went to sleep again
Right after your evening freshen up

When Mummy sleeps
When you sleep

You love to sleep with Bapak besides you

Welcome Home!

The day of the week you came home
1st September 2008 at 11.00 am

Who brought you home
Mummy, Bapak, Tok Ba, Nek Ma, Tok Kedah and Auntie Yana

What are their expressions once they saw you
Over the moon!

Our home address
This is our rented house:
No 79, Lorong Seri Damai Perdana 3,
Taman Impian Perdana,
25150 Kuantan,
Pahang Darul Makmur.

Messages From Well Wishers

A bunch of baby thanks to the phone callers:
Families, Auntie Shikin, Auntie Ina, Uncle Anas, Uncle Naim and those who I forgot to mention the names, thank you very much!

A bunch of thanks also for those who send the sms:
As’kum. Alhamdulillah jg tahniah utk kakak, ayah d doakan mga cucu sedare yg br lhr ni dpjgkn umo jg mjdi ank slhh yg dirahmati Allah slu hndknye, I’allah, amin2 ya Allah.slmt mymbt rmdhn al Mubarak utk kakak + fir.syg slu..wslm.
- Ayah D, 18:55:38, 31.08.08 xsabar nk tgk dunia la 2..nk jd anak merdeka la 2, anyway congrate..
- Auntie Elin, 21:09:58, 31.08.08

Congrats on this very happy news, it’s a miracle baby.
- Uncle Deva, 21:04:02, 31.08.08

Tahniah dan slmt menganti puasa.
- Uncle En. Mat, 21:04:40, 31.08.08

Wahh..congrats kak nurul!wad berapa?
- Auntie Hani, 21:04:40, 31.08.08

Wah, congrate new mummy!sakit x sheko?
- Auntie Ayu, 21:07:32, 31.08.08

Ucapan tahniah dr sy sekeluarga.semoga lebih berbahagia.hepi merdeka!
- Uncle En. Saiful, 00:27:41, 01.09.08

Alhamdllh. Congrats! Bykla bj biru baby merdeka mummy ni..
- Auntie Salwani, 22:24:02, 31.08.08

Aslmkm.kakak ngah jge baby ke?kim slm seme ea.nie k.yong nMe bby 2?
- Kak Yong, 12:50:38, 02.09.08

Laa..iyer ke!? Akak ingatkan ko g jalan2..tgk umah tutup. Tahinah, memang anak ramadhan. Bila jangka balik umah, akak nak tgk baby. Slamat menyambut ramadhan. Apa nama baby.
- Auntie Linda, 21:20:00, 31.08.09

Alhamdulillah.betuah sgh cucu ayh d 2.kua je trs smbt merdeka+rmdhn.hek3.ok ntinye pic msg 2 kakak kim kt no ni jg ibumetua ku dh smpe ke lum?
- Ayah D, 21:28:56, 31.08.09

Bla kkak plan nk blk cni?X sbr su nk pegang.
- Nek Sue, 17:08:23, 01.09.08

Salam wth kak nurul. Sory lmbt wish. Tahniah for ur first baby :-D. smg baby sht n ceria. Jg utk akak.
- Uncle Nasrul, 10:59:29, 04.09.08

Sorry tadi berbuka n pray. Kesiannya kat baby, menangis x. Benarnya c su ada smsm mlm 31 tu wish kat kakak, rupa2nya next day baru tau sms x sampai, so c su call mama Tanya perkembangan. Kakak sihat x, nama apa baby.
- Nek Sue Besut, 04.09.08

Congrats! Baby merdeka.haha ingatkan xpe janj sht n slmt.nama?nona ke?cpt2 upload gambo k.congrats 4 both of u from
- Auntie Arin, 22:37:40, 05.09.08

Alhmdulillah slmt sume.aku duk tringat2 tau.ok bpantang elok2 tau.jg diri nama pe?
- Auntie Kama, 22:40:22, 05.09.08

Salam She,aku br trgt nk call ko since aku ada bc kt fndster nadia mcm ko dh bslin, congrats!cmana dh jd mak org ni?girl eh, nama apa ye, I tot baby boy..
- Auntie Kurt, 22:49:00, 05.09.08

Congrats!! So, now dh blh adapt? Mind 2 share ur baby name?
- Auntie Ae, 22:56:02, 05.09.08

Congrats!teringat gak nk msg tny tp ingatkan blm.girl?hehe nama pe?japnye ko dlm labor room.
- Auntie Ain, 00:45:46, 06.09.08

Thank you all!!!

All About You And The Day You Were Born

The day of the week and the time you were born
31st August 2008 at 10.54 am

The place where you were born
Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan, Kuantan

Your weight and your length
Your weight: 2.9kg & Your length: 48cm

Your hair and eye color
Hair color: Black & Eye color: Black

The people that were there
1: Your very supportive Bapak
2: Dr Norliza
3: Dr Quizzi
4: Three nurses and
5: Of course Mummy!


Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

According to the doctors, our appointment was actually on September 8th, 2008. We are going to meet each other on that date which is the birthday of arwah Bapak’s father. But we cannot resist meeting each other and you were coming out eight days earlier! And yet you have made our special appointment even more special when you were coming out on our country’s independence day, which was on August 31st 2008! You are definitely a Merdeka baby! And according to the doctor, you are Merdeka baby number two at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan, Kuantan! We should have wrapped you with Jalur Gemilang! Oh, how indie you are!

Now I really have something to celebrate on 31st August every coming year. We can go to the parade and Mummy sure make you the Merdeka outfit from the Jalur Gemilang. And we are not going to sing that ordinary birthday song on your birthday, since Bapak and I already composed a new one for you. Enjoy it!

Tanggal tiga puluh satu bulan lapan dua ribu lapan,
Hari yang mulia, hari bahagia,
Sambut dengan jiwa yang merdeka!

Mari kita seluruh warga Negara,
Ramai-ramai menyambut hari lahir Iris!

Tiga satu bulan lapan dua ribu lapan,
Hari mulia hari lahir Iris!

Irissss! Irissss! Iris! Iris!

Music and lyrics by: Mummy and Bapak

Hi! I am a Merdeka baby!

Mummy's Serious Story - The Day You Were Born

It was August 31st 2008 at roughly 12.15am. Seriously we were hugging each other while watching Bilut on RTM 1. It wasn’t a passionate hug, but more to ‘kaseh-sayang’ kind of hug. Oh how on earth would I get so much estrogen to have that passionate hug while having a swollen belly? No offence, dear baby.

Bapak started to tell me the real story of Felda people while watching Bilut. I assumed he get the story from his late father. He told me how Felda people having the hardest time to get the trees grow but not money. He started to be Mahathir for the hundredth times and I just adore the resemblance. After a while, I have been so patriotic and I felt like waving the Jalur Gemilang and sing our national anthem, Negaraku. Seriously.

But we were not watching the movie to the end since Bapak was scheduled on-call on the next day. Before we slept I asked Bapak to snap a photo of us (yes, you and I) since it was quite a long time we were not on a glamour flash. With my favorite long John and baby tee, Bapak snap few photos of us. It was an ordinary night. I tucked your Bapak with his favorite blanket and there we went to slumber land. Seriously.

The two of us!

There went our night, with a small kick and tickle of you in my womb. I woke up at 2am for pee pee and went to sleep again. The wonderful story was actually begun at 5am when I felt something weird about myself. I wasn’t sure of what happened in my body. I wasn’t even sure whether I want to have a poo poo or what people say of a contraction. So I got up from the bed and walking to and fro in our living room. Honestly I wasn’t sure of what happened to me. But one thing for sure was now I fully understand the meaning of that Malay idiom – ‘macam kucing nak beranak’. Seriously.

Felt unsure of myself, I rouse up Bapak and told him what happened. And I didn’t expect that he woke up and have a quick shower and asked me to grab your’s and my stuff. And for the first time (after 10 years) Bapak asked me to wear kain sarong. It has been a dog’s age! The last time I wore sarong when I was a Farisian. Oh what a community! Seriously!

Bapak was really a calm man. He is trained to be that way. With a calm morning zephyr, we went to the hospital. And from that moment I know that this is the time! I cannot lie to myself that I have a little pain in my stomach and luckily Bapak knew what he should do, “She tarik nafas pelan-pelan, and then hembus.” The method eased me a little bit if not much. And at that particular moment also I want to be a medical doctor. Seriously.

We arrived at the hospital at 6am and the houseman checked your heart beat and the jalan you are going to use to come out to this wonderful world. The houseman said that the jalan was only opened at about 3cm and most probably I would be delivering you the next day. After the checked up, the nurses brought me to the ward and Bapak went back home to take all his stuff since that day was his working day. We were left alone. And I felt the pain even more and I can say it was three times in ten minutes. I wish Bapak were there holding my hands. The pain was even worse when they put on numbers of stupid wires on my abdomen. I phoned your grandmother, Nek Ma and requested her to pray for us and I also called up Bapak to come quickly to the hospital. Bapak said he was reciting Surah Maryam and will come to the hospital as soon as possible. I even asked him to not finish the Surah since I cannot bear with the pain. I wasn’t sure whether I have been a drama queen or I was seriously in pain. Seriously.

At 8.30am I ordered the nurses to put off all the stupid wires on me and bring me to the labor room. They said they cannot bring me to the labor room since my jalan was still opened at 3cm. I said I know my body and please bring me to the labor room now! I know they hate me but I know my body better. So there we went to the labor room at about 8.45am but they do not put off the stupid wires on my body. Feeling like one of the patients in E.R., they put me on the stretcher and push me to the labor room. In there, I have to wear the blue dress and now I seriously felt like one of the House’s patients. Dr. Quizzi, one of Bapak’s friends checked the jalan again and he said I have to wait until it is opened for 8cm since now it was only 5cm. Bapak wasn’t there at that moment since he was in Surgical Operation Theater entertaining other sick patient. Oh Allah, how I wish he were there holding my hands. But fortunately, they provided me with a nice tranquil nurse who held my hand like she would never let go. I have been a drama queen for a hundred times asking for the most powerful drug on earth for laboring-The Epidural. Honestly speaking, I already told Bapak about my plan for laboring; it was either undergoing C-section or having The Epidural. I never thought of laboring you in normal labor. Seriously.

I asked the doctor to drug me since I cannot tolerate with the ache. I felt like the doctors and the nurses were trying to not giving me the drug since they kept on telling me that I have to wait for the anesthetic doctor to prescribe me with that drug. Feeling abandoned, I called up Bapak and asked him to pager up anesthetic doctor to run to the labor room and drug me NOW! Bapak immediately came to rescue me and pager up his colleague in Anesthetic Department and they promised to come ASAP right after their morning round. It was 9.30am and Bapak went in and out from the labor room since his pager kept on beeping. I cannot request him to be with me all the time since he had several minor operations to handle. So I relied on the nice nurse who held my right hand. And I didn’t give up on requesting the drug from that nurse and she asked me to keep on praying. To show that I had been abandoned by the government service, so I made up several screams, but they showed me no fear. Not even when I threat them with the title of spouse’s to Dr Muhammad Firdaus Bin Abas, the Medical Officer of Surgical Department, they didn’t show me a bit of fear. Oh, what a drama queeeeennn!!! Seriously.

At exactly 10.00am, Bapak told the second on-called doctor to handle his operations for a while until I’m giving birth. He was there holding my left hand and keep on telling me to inhale and exhale slowly. He wiped off my sweat on my forehead with his hand and I cannot forget his look in his eyes. That was the sweetest moment ever in my life being a wife to a great man-Dr Muhammad Firdaus Bin Abas, yes he is a doctor. At 10.35am, I felt like you were on your way out to this world. I screamed as loud as I can (but yet still can manage the poise of me) and saying that this is the time! And I can see everybody was running to rescue me; there were two doctors, Dr Norliza and Dr Quizzi, and four nurses and my sweetheart. I cannot tell exactly what it felt. I felt like something big was going to explode in my stomach. I was bearing down at exactly 10.40am. And everybody kept on giving me instructions.

Dr Norliza: Okay bagus, push Nurul push! Bagus! Pandai! Push lagi! Haa, pandai pun! Saya akan assist awak.
Dr Quizzi: Okay, tarik nafas! Push lagi! Sikit lagi Nurul!
Nurse 1: Okay, jangan jerit di mulut! Nanti penat! (See, I was a screamer!)
Nurse 2: Bagus! Bagus! Lagi!! Ha, tak payah guna Epidural pun!

I was so confused who to listen to. There were so many instructions and faces to look for. So I listened to my only doctor, my beloved husband.

My very own midwife: Okay She. Kalau rasa nak keluar, teran. Kalau tak,
simpan nafas. Okay bagus sayang, sikit lagi!

And the process went smoothly.

My very own midwife: Allahuakbar She! Sikit lagi! Allahuakbar!

And listening to Allah’s name, I questioned myself: Am I dying?

My personal doctor

And at precisely 10.54am, everybody was screaming “Bagus Nurul! Bagus! Awak dah berjaya!” (The line “Awak dah berjaya” is author’s overstate statement to add flavor to the story). But the best screaming was actually your screaming! I heard your voice and I cried like a err... drama queen? No, like a real mother. Bapak immediately iqamah and tears streamed down my face and no words to describe my feeling at that particular moment. Seriously.

And there you are, a cute little girl. The doctor put you on my body and once again I cried like a mother. You are so small but there are so much big loves waiting for you. They brought you somewhere else to give you your first bath. I heard you cried when they showered you. I know you were kind of afraid of the outside the womb world, but I promise you that this world is not as cruel as you think it is. (Do you think it’s cruel?). Here is the picture of you on your first bath.

Your first shower

After taking your first bath, Bapak brought you to me and for the first time you had your meal from my tiny little twins. Your mouth is so small relative to the twins. I cried again seeing two most loved people on earth being so closed to me. Bapak took you again to have your first rest on the real world with your other tiny friends. And there started my third pain-the suturing session. Gosh, it was a real pain (but how on earth I still can phoned up my families and relatives while the doctor is suturing?) and here is the ranking for the pain: [1] the contraction, [2] the suturing session and [3] the labor. Honestly speaking I want to have lots and lots of babies since the labor was not so painful compared to the contraction and the suturing session. Seriously.

After that, we were brought to the post-natal ward and had our first rest after a wonderful journey while waiting for the families and friends to chin us up. So here is the serious story of us-the day you were born. It was such a wonderful moment ever and I cannot portray it in real words. Seriously.