Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baby Number Two

First of all, I would like to make an apology my dear baby number two since I think this is the official first entry of yours. I have a lot to write about you, just like your elder sister, Kak Iris. I want to write about my feeling towards you, about the red book number two, the shopping parts, the shoes I bought for you, how Kak Iris would kiss you and she would say “Baby” whenever I pointed to my big growing belly.

Honestly, I was in total mess this few months. I’m still adapting to the new phase of my life, which is to taking care of Kak Iris and you all alone by me. I just don’t know when to do the laundry, the dishes, the cooking, the cleaning, the sobbing, etc etc. It was a lot easier when Bapak was around, but you know, sometimes we have to sacrifice to get the big bungalow. Thanks to Almighty Allah for Anya and Anyon. They help me a lot!

I know it is unfair that I started writing about you in your 32nd weeks! I know you are in your final stretch, but dear baby number two, believe me, I really have a lot to tell about you! Just wait for my words!

Potty, potty, I need you!

I think it's about time to potty training with Iris. She started to grow interest in seeing me sitting on the toilet bowl and do my business. Yes, I know it might be wrong, but hey, I cannot leave her outside the toilet, she will scream and cry like I'm dying in no time. I even sit her on my lap while singing her a song and do my business. I should be proud of myself; that I am a multi-tasker! Every mother is! So I browsed through Baby Center and here is the checklist for potty training.

Physical signs

Is coordinated enough to walk, and even run, steadily. Checked!

Urinates a fair amount at one time. Checked!

Has regular, well-formed bowel movements at relatively predictable times. Checked!

Has "dry" periods of at least three or four hours, which shows that his bladder muscles are developed enough to hold urine. Checked!

Behavioral signs

Can sit down quietly in one position for two to five minutes. Checked!

Can pull his pants up and down. Checked! She tried to unbuttoned herself last night (er, no it was 5 in the morning. Thank God she was amused with the button for about 30 minutes so that I can have an extra sleep).

Dislikes the feeling of wearing a wet or dirty diaper. To the max! She started to point at her diaper whenever she started to feel weird with her bowel.

Shows interest in others' bathroom habits (wants to watch you go to the bathroom or wear underwear). Checked! She can imitate me wearing the underwear! What a great surprise! I can't help myself laughing out loud when I saw she did that. I thought I behaved, well my thought is so wrong.

Gives a physical or verbal sign when he's having a bowel movement such as grunting, squatting, or telling you. Checked! She points to her diaper.

Demonstrates a desire for independence. Checked! She get the Sebamed and tried to put onto her buttock and yes, as clean herself.

Takes pride in his accomplishments. Checked! She applauds whenever she can achieve something new. (Apalagi jika I puji "Wah Iris! You are so clever!"). Yes, she does take pride.

Isn't resistant to learning to use the toilet. Checked!

Is in a generally cooperative stage, not a negative or contrary one. Checked!

Cognitive signs

Can follow simple instructions, such as "go get the toy." Checked! (But still she can't follow the simplest one "Iris, stop breastfeeding!". She's addicted I tell you.

Understands the value of putting things where they belong. Checked! She discards her dirty clothes into the washing machine.

Has words for urine and stool. Checked! Tut = Kentut.

Understands the physical signals that mean he has to go and can tell you before it happens or even hold it until he has time to get to the potty. Unchecked! She still have no potty. We are waiting for that one from Ikea, someone has promised us to get that one next week. Remember, the shocking pink potty.

Iris, you are growing...Hug Mummy now Ris.