Sunday, April 29, 2012

KLIBF 2012-A Failed Plan

We went to PWTC for KLIBF 2012 today.  With a good budget and a good weather, I have set in my mind that everything would be just fine for us.  But guess what?  The real scene wasn't that good.  The crowd, the crowd was so chaotic.  I hate any kind of rush, be it BERSIH or not, and whatever moves or stands you have behind it, I just simply hate rush.  I should have known it better, this is however a yearly event.

So we managed to be there for only 1 hour.  I thought I can entertain Iris who was struggling down with mild HFMD with the promising Malaysian animation Boboi Boy and Upin & Ipin, and freebies for me and Bapak, but finally we called an off.

One word: Unbearable, or in its' finest form "Tok tehe kawe."

Friday, April 27, 2012

Surviving Motherhood Tip #3

People will treat your children they way you treat your children.  Treat them good.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hi baby Benth!

How are you dear?

Auwww, so sweet!

"She, Tiah ada tulis pasal blog She kat wall dia.  Try tengok FB Abang."

And that really made my day.

"Article sharing from one of my best cousins in the world: '

Sorry kakak@ Firdaus Abas, I glamourkan your blog. I always inspired on how u raise up your children. Hihi. Forget about tv. Love books. Weekends at library! Oh, i love."

Auwww, so sweet of you girl. 

You know what girl?  I was smiling ear to ear yesterday, you really made my Tuesday.  I love good words, everybody loves good words.  Thanks for glamouring up my blog.  I never thought I have such a good reader, because I believe I am the only one who reads my own blog.  I write and I read.  You know that this blog is a special dedication for my future readers?  My girls?  And tell you what?  I'm honoured and flattered because I have present readers.  Auwww, so sweet.

Thanks for being inspired on how I raise my girls.  You know couz, I'm far from perfect.  But at least it's worth it if we try. You know couz, I scold my girls too especially when they performed that 'Crying Choir' and when their Bapak was out of the scene acting Robin Hood helping to beautify peoples' wounds?  I was no Robin Hood.  I definitely have that desctructable relationship with mostly everything when I'm physically tired.   But of course, I need to calm down and control.  How?  Scream not too high pitch, scold not too hard pat.  Because if I do more than that, I definitely cannot sleep at night talking to my own hand to have mercy on my girls.  Thanks to my hands they never had any hard pat onto my girls. 

And oh, that 'Forget about tv' part.  That is of course not that true.  Yes, we spent time watching TV, nope, I meant they spent their time watching their favorites.  Here are their favorites:  Little Kingdom, Umizoomi, Little Bill, Dora the Explorer, Barbapappa, La Pimpa, and Peppa Pig.  Here are my favorites: N.O.N.E. But yes, I need to limit the time. They are toddlers, they need physical activities.  But yes, again, when the father acting Robin hood, I need to have my free time and so TV is my option.  Definition of free time: washing, folding clothes, ironing, cooking, mopping, scrubbing, making bed, feeding, and breathing.

That books part?  Yes, that is indeed true.  I love books, Bapak loves books, the girls love books.  Who doesn't?  Smile.

You know what girl?  I read over and over and over of your status and I was grinning and I was in the state of blissful happiness and suddenly I was hit by the real thing-The Crying Choir.

Thanks anyway, dear.

P/S: My cousin is one of the infamous bloggers on wedding stuff, visit her at  Peace!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Phinally PhinisheD

Oh, it's gonna be sweet.

Cultivate Big-Picture Thinking

"When two parents are fed up with potty training, poor grades, or fender-benders, and one remind the other that the current difficult time is only a temporary season, then they benefit from thinking big picture." (How Successful People Think by John C. Maxwell)

P/S: How I wish somebody would reminding me this.

Friday, April 13, 2012

How to Make Play-doh

Yes, we always look forward for our weekends. And last week we made Play-doh after a series of requests from Iris for a real Play-doh. No, I promised myself not to spend too much on any pricey Play-doh anymore, for they were only last for few weeks. So I've decided to make it and we really had a great time making over it. Here's how to make a safe and edible Play-doh.

Basic ingredient ratios: (Credit to:

2 cups flour
2 cups warm water
1 cup salt
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 tablespoon cream of tartar (for elasticity)
Drop of food coloring

Mixed all of the ingredients together and let the kid do it.

It's edible. Don't worry they won't eat too much because it is so salty.

Stir over low heat and the dough will thicken until it resembles mashed potatoes. This part you got to do it, never ever allow your kids near stove.

Allow the dough to cool enough.

If they can't wait, let them cool it by themselves.

They really can't wait.

Divide the dough into balls for coloring.

Oh, yummy, the hand!

Make a divot in the center of the ball, and drop some food coloring in it.

Fold the dough over and blend it well with the color. We got to wear glove, but who cares? It's crafty day, get crazy.



See, it's edible. Ok, that's not dough, that's Kuih Bom Bapak bought for breakfast.

They love the colors!

Keep it in the plastic bag.

And freeze them for awhile.

You might need to entertain these little ones who cannot wait for their Play-doh.

It's playtime! Crawl, crawl, crawl up and down! A spider by Mummy.

What is that Iris?

Oh, a rose! Brilliant Iris!

And a dinosaur! Brilliant Iesha!

Now they can use their real Play-doh with new doughs!

Fun time!



See how they use all their senses.

Now I don't have to get emotional when the dough mixed. Yahoo!

And the long emptied Play-doh container is filled again.

Iesha cannot stay at one plaything at a long time, and so she,

riding a horse,


singing her heart out, oh my.

Iris showing off her ice creams.

And her 'brush' cake.

Pig nose. (Yes, she is a fan of Peppa Pig.)

I want to play too, Mummy!

Thanks Bapak!

Now tell me how can I concentrate in a seminar? I meant with this MMS kept on buzzing my phone?

Ok, kelakar sangat.

We stayed in a hotel in Putrajaya and they provide a play zone for the kids.

Baby and balls!

One little duck went out one day, over the hills and far away, Bapak duck said quack, quack, quack, but none little duck came back that day.

Prosperity baby. Yummy!

Iesha was scared of this.

"Merajuk takde swimsuit..Nak mandi swimming pool", the picture comes with this text.


And this? How could I concentrate? Tell me. How.

P?S: Thanks Bapak, for being a great babysitter that day. Thanks for always encouraging me to be better.

CelikMomz by Prof. Muhaya

I've attended a parenting course by Prof Dr Muhaya, an inspirator, and that's what she claimed herself is instead of a motivator. I've learnt a lot in this half day's course. The course was held at Surau An-Nur Country Heights, Kajang. Here are some good points from her:

  1. Talk with your child in an adult's mode, not as parent. Adults will assist the children as much as they can, while parents are tend to giving orders, nagging, scolding and feel they are always right.
  2. Attend good parenting courses, as well as reading on parenting materials. (I've always thought I was born with the ability to parent my children, I meant it ran in my blood, anyone can be a good mother. No, my thought is wrong, I have to read, I get to get knowledge, I need to attend seminars. Keyword: get the knowledge)
  3. Never use limiting words like No!, Don't!, Bukan!, Jangan! They will limit the creativity and independency of your children.
  4. Instead of scolding the children about their faults, tell them the solutions for their faults. For example, your children spilt the milk onto the floor, instead of scolding them, tell her "I don't think the floor like the milk, but the cup does." Or maybe "Princess Holly drinks her milk properly, do you want to be like her?" (Iris and Iesha are the hardfans of Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom). I admit I was (and still am) excessively using that limiting words. I need to stop it right NOW and think of the solutions of every mistakes my children make.
  5. You get what you gave. Give good, get good. You scream to your children, they'll definitely scream back to you. You good, they'll good. You bad, they'll bad. You choose.
  6. As a mother or father, you have no capability of changing their behaviors, actions or thoughts. You have to change. But you need to guide them. Guide them good.
  7. Doa, as parents, you have to pray a lot. A lot. I got to admit that I always rush in my prayers, I checked my nails between doa, I thought of Allah will listen and grant my wishes. I gave a thought about it and there are trillions of people around the universe whose praying hard and truthful, now I need to change the way I'm asking Allah. No more checking on nails. Be true, ask true.
  8. Feed them good food. Gosh, this is hard. I got to get cook book for toddlers. Brocoli where are you?
  9. You got to change your inner voice/ thoughts, then your outer world will definitely change. You think good, you'll definitely meet with good people, good books, good places, good moods, good, good, good.
  10. Breastfeed your baby up to 2 years. Please.
  11. Read good books to them.
  12. There are three abilities of a child; auditory, visual and language. Know your children. They may be dominant of either one or two, and when you knew your children ability, help them to develop it.
  13. Bend on your knees when talking to them.
  14. As a parent you might as well doing mistakes, don't quit. Keep trying and learning.
  15. And oh, don't get too busy with your title as a mother, you have a husband. Kiss him, hug him, feed him, love him, miss him, pray for him, love him, love him, love him. Ask money from him, now I quote myself.
  16. Read this book, and you'll safe, here and hereafter: The Quran.
I guess that are the few things I remembered from the course. I didn't manage to fully concentrate. Coz my husband was the babysitter for the day! Let's check out the photos he sent me throughout the course.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Please Wait

Grey hair.

Earth Hour

Celebrating earth hour at Haji Samuri's Satay Kajang.

P/S: Wanna eat heavy? Get the lights off.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Visit to The Library

We always look forward for the weekends. Last weekend we had a visit to Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Selangor. For the love of books, I need the girls to touch the books, to feel them, to fall in love with them, to miss them, to dedicate all their five senses to the books. I have always dream to have a mansion full of books, and this Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Selangor has made my dream comes true. Oh, how I wish this library is mine, totally mine. With three kids under 10 years of age, we were only allowed to be in kids' library. Yes, I'm aware taking the toddlers to the public library would poses some problems. They have short attention span and I'm aware that they have problem sitting still and keep quiet. So the father and the mother have to alternate to get to the adults' sections. But honestly, I didn't manage to do that, browsing the kids' books already made me totally insane.

Iris and Iesha at the kids' library entrance.

My mansion.

The big tree surely made Iris and Iesha and Mummy went crazy! Oh my tree.

Iris picked her first book.

Iesha and her Mr Octopus.

See how she melted over the book.

Let them look at the illustrations and so. And when they ask us to read, read.

How I wish I read my textbooks like Iesha.

Iris took this picture from her book. I guess they started to lose their attention to books.

I told you.

But who doesn't love this big tree?

Books, girls?

Iesha always impress with dogs. This book is giving her good point that we shall say Auzubillah when we see things we scared.

Can you spot Iesha?

Iris reading.

Iesha is always full of energy. Thank God she doesn't know how to climb a tree yet.

The girls were singing, acting, running and dancing on the stage for story-telling session. They dragged quite a few audiences.

We had unhealthy tea time.

Iris with the cupcake.

Iesha with her favorite.

We went home after the tea time because the nap time was about to due. So to avoid tantrums and such, we said goodbye to new favorite mansion. See you next time, dear!


And we managed to get the library cards for the girls! I know you both not ready for the responsibility of the cards, but who would say no to the library cards? We'll visit you again for sure! But we need to think of possible strategy for the next visit since we are not allowed to the adults' section with underage kids, so I guess I have to browse for online catalog so that I just have to get the call numbers of the books and pick up the book and that's it. I'm going to make this a monthly event. This is something my girls would remember when they grow up and spending just a few hours here can have incredible impact on establishing good reading habits for a lifetime!